Wednesday, April 04, 2007

what a sleazeball! designer, my foot!

apr 4, 2007

and a solomonic judgment: his mother has to be around to protect any woman below 30 that anand jon works with! i love it.

just couldn't keep his hands off white women, i suppose.

why aren't all the morally upright indians in america all upset about this? i remember how much of a fuss they made about a fellow named lakireddy who was running 'pasand' restaurant in berkeley, was a slumlord, and was importing young girls from andhra for his sexual pleasure.

where are all those furies including that woman whose name i cant remember from the california institute of integral studies? where is FOIL? is it the fact that anand jon alexander is a christist that dulls all their moral posturing? or is it that he is a hollywood celebrity?


Harish said...

The usual suspects are at it again..
TN has initiated reservations for Muslims and Christians..

bloody Dravidian parties...
They ruin the state, its people, its culture and most importantly the nation...

humdinger said...

Link for the above news.

TallIndian said...

I am an Iyer from erstwhile Madras. We somehow still manage to survive the all the various DMKs.

In a backhand way, the reservation system helped many segments of the Brahmin community. It pushed us out of the IAS and medical jobs and into the private sector.

Let us not forget that Jayalalitha is an Iyengar.