Saturday, April 07, 2007

reverential story on the mittals

apr 6th, 2007

pretty much "these guys can do no wrong". very different from the sniffy "these guys make eau de cologne" from guy dolle of arcelor during the hostile takeover.


mahashivaji said...

I read this article and listened to the podcast. I really admire what the Mittal family has done, but I still think that Indians should maintain a low profile like the Chinese. Never underestimate the wrath of the goras. Always remember---the moment an Indian does or begins to do something that benefits India/Indians, something "tragic" or "unfortunate" happens to such people. I always feel a little insecure about seeing Indians on the cover of any magazine or being out in the open.

I guess we can't live in fear forever, but we should never underestimate the hatred and racial consciousness of the gora.

mahashivaji said...

I want to qualify my previous post---I don't mind seeing good articles about India or Indians in general. This is very good. BUT, when a magazine mentions specific persons, that's what bothers me, because it gives goras a target to aim at. It's much harder to aim at an entire group of us, but when specific people are mentioned, then it gives them targets. This makes me insecure.