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Radical Universalism - by Dr. Frank Morales

apr 7th, 2007

absolutely true. all religions are *not* equal. most of these 'religions' are not even religions -- they are imperialistic death-cults.

it's like the old sun microsystems slogan, 'the network is the computer'.

a terrific apple t-shirt said, "the network is the network. the computer is the computer. sorry for the confusion."

similarly, hinduism is hinduism. imperialistic death-cults are imperialistic death-cults. sorry for the confusion.

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Excerpts from "Radical Universalism " article in full below:
If we want to ensure that our youth remain committed to Hinduism as a meaningful path, that our leaders teach Hinduism in a manner that represents the tradition authentically and with dignity, and that the greater Hindu community can feel that they have a religion that they can truly take pride in, then we must abandon Radical Universalism. If we want Hinduism to survive so that it may continue to bring hope, meaning and enlightenment to untold future generations, then the next time our son or daughter asks us what Hinduism is really all about, let us not slavishly repeat to them that " all religions are the same". Let us instead look them in their eyes, and teach them the uniquely precious, the beautifully endearing, and the philosophically profound truths of our tradition…truths that have been responsible for keeping Hinduism a vibrantly living religious force for over 5000 years. Let us teach them Sanatana Dharma, the eternal way of Truth.
Radical Universalism
- Dr. Frank Morales 
A Philosophical Critique of Radical Universalism
It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the ancient religion of Hinduism has been one of the least understood religious traditions in the history of world religion. The shear number of stereotypes, misconceptions and outright false notions about what Hinduism teaches, as well as about the precise practices and behavior that it asks of its followers, out-number those of any other religion currently known. Leaving the more obviously grotesque crypto-colonialist caricatures of cow-worshipping, caste domination and "sutee" aside, even many of the most fundamental theological and philosophical foundations of Hinduism often remain inexplicable mysteries to the general public and supposed scholars of Hindu Studies. More disturbing, however, is the fact that many wild misconceptions about the beliefs of Hinduism are prevalent even among the bulk of purported followers of Hinduism and, alarmingly, even to many purportedly learned spiritual teachers, gurus and swamis who claim to lead the religion in present times.

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iamfordemocracy said...
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mahashivaji said...

Fantastic article! Very eye-opening and Dr. Morales' argument against radical humanism is irrefutable. Amazing and logically constructed argument.

mahashivaji said...

List of converts to Hinduism. Very interesting. I never knew that Heather Graham converted to Hinduism...she's a hottie!