Sunday, April 01, 2007

latest on the quota battles

apr 1, 2007

this is of course old news by now.

all sides have declared victory in this fratricidal struggle. i am conflicted, because i do believe that some OBCs have definitely gained by the levels of reservations that exist today, and things could well be maintained at that level, not increased, and slowly decreased over time. i have argued before that govt jobs and govt educational institutions are no longer as coveted as they used to be, once the economy has opened up a little.

the only winners are the anti-hindus, as the quotas are causing hindu fragmentation.

also, the 27% quota for OBCs will be soon converted to a quota for mohammedans, as all mohammedans will be declared OBCs. thus, since mohammedans are 14% of the population, it means that virtually any mohammedan can get into any job or any educational institution so long as it is in the public domain.

of course, mohammedan educational institutions do not have to provide 27% OBC quotas. nor do christist educational institutions. the role of semitic institutions is simply to plunder.

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abhishek said...

Arjun Singh is a traitor. Quota system is unjust. That's it. There are no ifs and buts to it. Even a schoolboy knows this is blatantly divisive. Any move that enrages so many people is suicidal for the country, and old hag Arjun knows that as well as anyone else.All intellectual discussions before such thuggery are useless.

This is just one more nail in the coffin of a collapsing nation. The rot is deep. GDP or no GDP,I foresee total chaos.

One quick way out is for all job/admission seekers is to get low-caste certificates by bagfuls, so that all this strife can be rendered useless.