Sunday, April 01, 2007

Centre in dark on Netajis contribution to freedom fight

apr 1, 2007

soviet-style or chinese-style deletion of history and creation of personality cults.

to be succinct, india got its freedom from britain solely due to the superhuman efforts of jawaharlal nehru, a god who should be worshipped daily. the modern temples of india should all be built to worship jawaharlal. one or two can be built to worship mohandas gandhi too, as well as other gandhis.

similarly, junior god rajiv gandhi would have single-handedly saved the babri structure from demolition by sheer willpower, according to his son, the baby god.

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Comment: Centre in dark on Netajis contribution to freedom fight

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san said...

Rajeev, don't forget that rainbows appeared over Mount Paekdu in North Korea, when each of these men of destiny were born.

Dontcha just love personality cults?