Wednesday, April 04, 2007

carlos ghosn on renault-mahindra alliance

apr 4th, 2007

india may be able to take over two or three major areas: engineering, finance and medicine, all through the power of the intellect.

i have been talking for a long time about india being 'the empire of the intellect' rather than 'the empire of the soul'


TallIndian said...

Interersting article on the IQ of Jews.

Jewish IQ

I believe that the South Indian Brahmins are going to take over the intellecutal leadership from the Jews in the 21st Century.

This is going to be a historical shift.

nizhal yoddha said...

another hilarious chestnut. you are a bundle of laughs today.

can i presume that this takeover would be just like iyers have taken over tamil nadu in the 20th century?

it ain't going to happen because iyers have no monopoly on brains. just look at all the random indians doing well on wall street.

you are recycling a lot of silly notions that are regularly discussed to death by every recent immigrant to the US.

TallIndian said...

We all can't be intellignt as you -- who recently posted that GDP was not adjusted for inflation.

The Iyers and Iyengars did dominate the erstwhile Madras Presidency for much of the 20th Century.

As one who literally came to the US on a boat, I find your musings about the US political scene laughable.

nizhal yoddha said...

there is a tendency on the part of tamils to say 'south indian' when they just mean 'tamil'.

so this comment above, i presume, relates to iyers and iyengars. i generally don't hear nambudiris or tulu/kannada/telugu brahmins make any such large claims.

in defense of iyers and iyengars, i must say that they tend to be good theoreticians. examples such as c v raman abound. they also dominated the indian civil service at one time. but they are being turned into the jews in india, by being hounded at every turn by the 'dravidians'. why aren't they fighting hard in the courts? even if they don't have the numbers in the elections, they should be able to challenge a lot of the idiotic 'dravidian' prescriptions and overturn them in court. if this doesn't happen, they will truly be like jews, but in a different way: stateless and preyed upon.

nizhal yoddha said...

oh, you arrived in america by boat? why, your 'coyote' dropped you off near the california coast and you rowed ashore in a dinghy? or were you like one of the chinese who arrived asphyxiated in a container?

no wonder you are so grateful to the democrats for the great welcome they are giving to illegal immigrants.

TallIndian said...

I actually came to U. S. on the RMS Queen Mary.