Sunday, April 08, 2007

apr 8, 1857: 150 years since mangal pandey was murdered

apr 8, 2007

150 years to the day when pandey was murdered after a 'court martial' where the man had no rights. he had dared to hit a white british christist! off with his head!

it was state terror by the white limey christist imperialists.

i don't think the UPA is planning anything to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first war of independence.

and apr 13 will come and go again as usual with nobody paying attention to it; it is now 88 years since jallianwallah bagh genocide on april 13, 1919, the moment when the evil imperialists bared their fangs fully with fascist state terror. 1650 bullets, 1579 casualties. very efficient indeed. the communists are wondering when they can get this efficient. nandigram was too sloppy.


sk said...

This might be belated, but I suggest we meet to commemorate this day. We could meet in a small way for this. Monday Apr9th? Maybe in a temple or someplace else. I want to meet for the 1857 event too. I am in Bglr. I just want to start sparing some time for such things. Blogging is good, but walking the talk(not sure if the phrase is right) is much better. Anyone interested?

Sameer said...

Rajeev and fellow bloggers,

Lets not forget the great day, the day, when Indians declared war on British, the first war of Independence, the very war, which almost shook the foundations of the British and which they suppressed ruthlessly and used terror.
The very fear of the repition of 1857, made the Limeys pack their bags and move after world war II, esp, when there were frequent revolts by the ratings of Royal Indian Navy at Karachi and Bombay (Mumbai). But the bastards divided our country and left before they went, thats a different thing that the seeds they sowed are giving fruit now, 7/11 and 9/11 are examples.
Lete never forget the events and also lets never forget the sacrifice of the martyrs.
Jai Hind!!!