Wednesday, April 12, 2006

woman's work

apr 12th

you guys better watch out: the women are coming!

first they tell us that women are the stronger sex, now they tell us they are the better investors! is there no end in sight for men? are we really the doomed, inferior gender? of course, women don't *really* need men to reproduce either -- some stored sperm and test-tube babies will do the trick. looks grim for guys, i tell you. they could in fact wipe us out, although they'll probably keep us around for ahem... entertainment.

did anybody see the very funny movie 'a boy and his dog'? science fiction stuff with that guy don johnson from 'miami vice' and 'nash'. a very different way of harvesting genetic material. but, in the end, the boy chooses the dog, which talks, sniffs out prey, and is more intelligent than him, over the girl. poetic justice, one is tempted to add.

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