Saturday, April 08, 2006

new hindu temple vandalized in minnesota

apr 8th

the way the deities have been attacked, this is clearly a hate crime. probably committed by christist fundamentalists. this is a violation of fundamental rights.

where the heck is the USCIRF, so quick to judge other countries? what about religious freedom in the USA?

where are AID, ASHA, FOSA, FOIL, vijay prashad, biju mathew, romila thapar, witzel, farmer?

will arjun singh now get excited? of course not.

however, if a mosquito bites john dayal, the extreme bigot who is the loudest christist whiner in india, that would be branded an RSS mosquito, and he would demand that the vatican and the CIA and the USCIRF all investigate it.

btw, arjun singh is probably beside himself with joy: naushad, the kerala mohammedan whose eye was supposed to be gouged out, has been pardoned by the saudi king, and is back in kerala with both eyes intact. as for the unfortunate maniappan kutty, who was beheaded by the taliban/pakistanis while e. ahamed (foreign minister) did nothing, oh well, he was only a hindu. i am pretty certain that all the lavish promises of compensation from christist CM oommen chandy have not materialized.

basically, when a hindu or hinduism is attacked, we are supposed to take it lying down, in the interest of 'tolerance'. thus, when hindus are burnt en masse in godhra, it is 'spontaneous combustion', ie. they caught fire on their own: why, the great justice uc bandarjee can be trotted out to ratify it. but when mohammedans burn to death at best bakery, the 'spontaneous combustion' argument does not hold good.


As I see it said...

You want Hindus to get the right to do what they want in the West but dont want any westerners to come here and preach their faith. What kind of a bigot are you? If you are so much against everyone who isnt a Hindu, go back to India and stay there. Perhaps, confine ourself to Kerala. Stop being such a hypocrite.
A person like you has no right to raise such issues. Now, if in protest, you gave up your job in California and left for India in a huff, you'll gain some respect. But it is easier to preach than to practise.

chitrakut said...

Hey Prakash,

Is that a justification for a temple to be vandalized in Minnesota!!

You people are sick. People like you are the reason why hindus in India and also around the world are suffering atrocities of all kinds.

The attack on the temple is no laughing matter. Such attacks should not happen in civilized societies. The police must catch the culprits. With this incident, the USCIRF has been proved to be a joke whose words carry absolutely no value.

I do not see any kind of statements from all those India haters at AID, ASHA, FOSA etc supporting the right of Hindus to be able to peacefully build temples here.

Poeple like Prakash deserve to be kicked on the butt and spat at for their lack of sensitivity towards people who care about keeping alive an Indian community with with Indian Values.

Shame on people like Prakash.

iamfordemocracy said...

Vandalism in and around temple areas is common in West, especially for smaller temples. Broken windows for cars, rotten eggs thrown on Clothes, and other troubles are a routine thing. No Indian mediamen highlight these though. As if Hindus don't exist, and as if Hindus aren't the patrons of these media providing them eyeballs and ad revenues.

someone said...

Actually, Americans can come here and construct all the churches they want. When did rajeev ever say that he's against construction of churches in India (except, of course, in Tirupati)? What he, and we, are against is forced and induced conversion and through deception. In fact, we won't even mind if Christians came here and tried to get converts by elaborating on all the wonderful philosophy in Christianity (as if there is any). As for rajeev, he'll come back as soon as Monsanto, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and all the doctors who do human testing on Indians, leave India.

Maple Grove Police Capt. Tracy Stille said hate crimes have distinct characteristics that so far cannot be associated with the damage done to the temple.

"Distinct charecteristics"? You mean, like destroying idols because you are against idolatory? There have also been instances of muslims desecrating Hindu temples in western countries, like Jamaat-al-Fuqra in USA, and some instances in Sweden (I think). But it's not like christians aren't vicious enough to do this on their own.

Commentator said...

My feeling is that the vandals were motivated and embolded by the anti-Hindu campaign of Indian American Muslim/Christian orgs and their "academic" backers. If Hindus don't fight back, these bigots will not let a single temple stand.

Swabhimani said...

Hello Mr.Prakash

Cud you pls tell, what fury wud have spurred if such a vandalism happend for a Christian/Muslim institution in Kerala/India.Rather It never happens because of the great tolernce of Hindus.

Pls be realistic before posting mud.

Rupesh said...

Our Temple was Vandalise. Idols were vandalised. Who would do this to a Hindu temple?

What is the right response to such an Act?
Report the incident to the police(as was done) and let them investigate and find the culprits rather than blaming someone before hand.

Its troubling to read someone blame hindus for being hypocrites?
If Hindus have no right to raise the issue of their temples being vandalised, who has the right?
What does working in America or India or anywhere else has to do with a temple being vandalised?

Surya said...

See the video footage of the destruction to idols at

It was revealed that there had been 24 minor attacks that were termed Random by the highly under resourced Maplegrove Police, out of these 22 had been on Indian homes including a Chinese home.

The Police once again have termed this as a Random act, but we are getting together to fight this as Hate Crime so that federal authorities can be woken up atleast now.

Jai Shri Ram !

averageindian said...

You want Hindus to get the right to do what they want in the West but dont want any westerners to come here and preach their faith. What kind of a bigot are you?

Wrong logic! Hindus in Minnesota are in the process of innaugurating a temple for their own worship, not to preach and convert, Christists in India go on a rampage and build thousands of churches (sorry to say but they are an eye sore, the way they are build, in addition to environmental problems), where no Christians exist, and openly convert poor and disadvantaged Hindus with inducements and allurements!! Prakash, surely your comparison is unfair and your outpouring immature and bigoted!! If Chistists are so interested in saving the souls of people why aren't they cleaning up thier own backyards in the US, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and all (where this criminal money for conversion originates), and clean up the mess they have created in other ancient civilizations, in Africa and South America! Nope, we do not want such a mess in India, our liberty, freedom and sovereignity is worth fighting for!!

someone said...

Countries have to start bringing out religious freedom reports on US, like US does on every other country. I read about Iran's Human Rights allegations against US and France. It was woefully inadequate and was coming from a bad source, but it's a start. Maybe that will make other countries realise what they should be doing (but aren't).