Wednesday, April 12, 2006

me on rediff on espionage

apr 12th


Kaunteya said...

what happened to your "moi" on rediff thing? that was better :-).

ignore this.. i have no work.

Neha Agarwal said...
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Vikas Kaul said...

what can you do when we have parties like "DIC-K" in Kerala literally sitting around with their dicks in their hands?

excuse me for my "english".


sandeeparya said...

I like your articles and I am fan of yours. What these govt. is doing? It is just letting these Chinese and Dubai Port World people working in those strategic locations.

Are they gonna 'nuts'? Don't they have any sense? Main port command shud be given to navy and let them control. Do not let these money hungry politicians to touch these kinds of issues?

Is there any way to stop these things?