Sunday, April 16, 2006

Merle Oberon - Sellout

apr 16th

she was not even indian, part sri lankan and part white, yet she was always putting down her life in india.

bit like freddy mercury of 'queen', right?

what's with these white-wannabes? maybe they were doing it for marketing purposes, whatever sells.

and the whites are the racists to whom india is now entrusting its nuclear weapons. nice going, manmohan.

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From: Kumar
To: Rajeev Srinivasan <>

The half-breed bitch denied her Indian heritage so she
could make it in Hollywood. Did whites accept her even
though she denied her Indian half?

No extra points for the answer--"NO".

What a waste. She could have been the queen of
Bollywood. She should have stayed in India.

Some things never change...what a shame.

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daisies said...

i see her behaviour more as a quest
for a solid identity than as
someone despising india/indian
race. an unclear identity can be
a very traumatic thing for a

it seems like she did not have a
particularly happy childhood,
and was probably taunted at school
for her parentage.

what is wrong with her setting
aside what had not brought her
happiness ? was she in some way
obligated to you and me to
worship india simply because she
was here in her childhood ?

she chose a different country and
society as an adult. she had a
right to make her choices.

and it looks like she didnt bad-
mouth india.

i dont understand why some people
are upset.