Saturday, April 15, 2006

another true hero: e. sreedharan

apr 15th

for once, a civil servant who has delivered and who is not corrupt. this is how the singaporeans -- despite their unscrupulous chinese origins -- have managed to create a wealthy society.

in india the 'steel frame' has rusted. the bureaucrats are either corrupt or lackeys of the politicians.

and how refreshing it is that sreedharan does not denigrate traditional practices! and he actually reads "spiritual books" -- the economist couldn't quite bear to say that he reads the bhagavad gita, could it?


mahashivaji said...

This man is a hero! I rode the Delhi metro and it's wonderful. I loved it. This is the activation energy that people need to bring more projects like this to India. Once the people see how their lives have improved, then they will demand further improvements--even the ones taking the bribes will demand better infrastructure--sonia gandhi and family---oops! Didn't mean for that to slip out...

bodhi dharma said...

In a recent rail function , he distributed copies of bhagavath gita to his employees. He is sharing his wisdom & knowledge with others too. A great soul indeed!