Friday, April 21, 2006

[Islam in space...]

apr 21

interesting questions indeed that the mohammedan faces in space. i have
seen mohammedans in planes (i flew on kuwait airways trivandrum to
london once) struggling to keep up with the time zone because it was
during their religious fast. the captain kept announcing the time, and
also the onboard display kept showing the direction of mecca! on normal
airlines this display shows you the position of the aircraft but here it
was the orientation of mecca.

you cannot a mohammedan from his religion even in space.

reminds me of musharraf once saying "mohammedanism is the most tolerant
religion." the obvious question, "on which planet?". surely not on
planet earth.

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Subject: Islam in space...
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:57:36 +0530
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Hello Rajiv,

Malaysian Govt. spends money to send astronauts, in Islamic way. Please
give your comments.



someone said...

LMAO. Reminds me of the time my father told me about this Muslim on a train praying, right beside a toilet, facing the toilet. Turns out that was direction of Mecca, he had carefully calculated it. Yeah, that's the direction of Mecca alright ;)

Kaunteya said...

As usual this came with a deafening silence from the usual suspects. A muslim women who's husband in his sleep mummered talaq has been asked to stay away from him for one year. And here's the best part: she will have to stay with a different man for a year and then come back if she wishes to continue with this marriage.
Don't worry Shabana Azmi and Barkha Dutt won't protest.The Hindu would not even cover this.
A Muslim personal law board member who came to discuss this issue on TV was candid enough to say that the women will have to choose between Islam and her husband.

Ans yes, this is not something that happened in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. But right here in the heart of the progressive,secular nation.

Ridiculous? Not if you stay here.

kp said...

Could they not find ONE Hindu Liver surgeon for Mahajan??? I am shocked!!!