Wednesday, April 19, 2006

this is happening to the poor in india too

apr 19th

i have noticed poor and lower-middle class people eating unhealthy fast
foods like maggi noodles (full of monosodium glutamate), reducing the
amount of physical exercise (everybody including the fisherman, the
trashman, and the milkman have all upgraded from bicycles to
motorcycles), and generally getting sick with cholesterol, high blood
pressure and diabetes at an early age. the age-old traditional foods,
full of starch (huge amounts of rice, tapioca etc.) are also not quite
appropritate unless you are working hard in the field. not good for
sedentary people.

i wonder what the health-care bill in india is for all these new-fangled
food habits.

i guess this is one way of getting rid of blacks and hispanics. another
way is to put most of the young black men in jail, which they are doing
these days. some astonishing number, like 30% of all young black men,
are in jail at any given time. building prisons is a growth industry in
the US


Cacoethes said...

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is NOT harmful to health. Glutamic acid is present in plenty in our ordinary food. Wheat, for example, is full of it. The people who have created a scare about MSG will create another about water, if you just call it Dihydrogen Oxide. In fact, there is a spoof site, "warning" people about the hazards.
Similar scare stories have been spread about the widely used artificial sweetener, aspartame.
At the same time, there is a complete lack of awareness or concern about other hazardous constituents in food, like trans-fatty acids (plentiful in partially hydrogenated fats like "vanaspati") or "butter yellow" and other synthetic dyes used for colouring jalebis and other sweets.

nizhal yoddha said...

sorry, MSG has been shown in a number of clinical studies to be harmful to the brain development of small children and also to cause severe allergic reactions in a lot of people. it's not whether the thing occurs naturally, it's the excessive quantities used in commercial MSG to fool the brain into thinking that something bland is flavorful that's harmful. similarly, there are natural steroids that occur in the body, it's the artificial use of large quantities that's bad.

aspartame has also been shown to have serious side-effects in some studies.

trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, etc. are known to be highly harmful to health, but that doesn't prevent the food lobby in the us from making up 'research' showing they are harmless.

much like the tobacco lobby 'proved' that tobacco doesnt cause any harm.

if you find other things to be harmful, talk about them, too, and publicize them.

daisies said...


but sadly, milkman, trashman and
house-maid dont listen to good

my maid thinks she knows better
than me, on food, medicine, health
and doctors.


kum said...

why should that be? what made you think that you are some kind of superior human? I feel you are as good or as bad as anyboody else.

daisies said...

hey kum!

this isnt about superiority and
inferiority of humans.

this is about being knowledgeable.
with no feelings of superiority,
i do assert that i happen to know
better than her in certain matters.

though i may not be more
knowledgable than you - i dont even
know you. but i do know what my
maid thinks on certain subjects.

for instance, her faith in
injections. when she falls sick,
she worries unless the doctor
prescribes an injection.

since we spoke of trashman and
milkman, and since rajeev
encouraged us to talk to people
about what we know, i mentioned
my honorable maid.

i cant understand why that makes
you think i feel superior to her.


Cacoethes said...

This post is a response to “nizhal yoddha : 4/20/2006 10:01 AM”
Your information about MSG and aspartame is not right. I presume your source was the Internet. One has to be extremely cautious with Internet information on health or mediciine. (Pl. see below my last paragraph)
Re: MSG, see, from which I have reproduced just one sentence: “. . . A 1995 report from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), an independent body of scientists, helps put . . . safety concerns into perspective and reaffirms the Food and Drug Administration's belief that MSG and related substances are safe food ingredients for most people when eaten at customary levels. ..” See also: -- “ Not All Food Scares Worth Consuming . . . Claim: MSG (monosodium glutamate) causes serious health problems. § Reality: MSG is simply common sodium (as in salt), along with a common amino acid component of protein known as glutamate. Much like salt (sodium chloride), MSG is used in small amounts to enhance the flavors of savory foods. Certain foods, such as tomatoes, walnuts and Parmesan cheese, are naturally high in free glutamate (like MSG), which contributes to their flavors. § MSG safety has been thoroughly studied. One classic controlled study was conducted with 130 people, each of whom believed he or she responded adversely to MSG. The results indicated that none of these people predictably responded to MSG consumed in foods. § Excessive intake of any single amino acid can cause adverse reactions in animals and humans. But the amounts of glutamate naturally found in foods and commonly used to season foods with MSG are well within the range of safe intake for most individuals.
Similarly, for aspartame, see -- “According to a 1998 survey by the Calorie Control Council, 144 million American adults regularly consume low-calorie, sugar-free products such as artificially sweetened sodas and desserts. The Food and Drug Administration has approved four sugar substitutes--saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K, and sucralose--for use in a variety of foods. . . . . § Aspartame has come under fire in recent years from individuals who have used the Internet in an attempt to link the sweetener to brain tumors and other serious disorders. But FDA stands behind its original approval of aspartame, and subsequent evaluations have shown that the product is safe. . . . § Other organizations give aspartame and the other approved sugar substitutes a thumbs up. For example, the American Heart Association endorses their use by diabetics and those on weight-loss diets. The American Diabetes Association calls sugar substitutes "free foods" because they make food taste sweet, but they have essentially no calories and do not raise blood sugar levels. . . . ” See also: -- “ Aspartame Warning . . . This specimen of email scarelore, in wide circulation since mid-December 1998, warns that the artificial sweetener aspartame (a.k.a. “NutraSweet” and “Equal”) is toxic to humans in a hundred different ways. It even coins a new medical term for these effects: “aspartame disease”. § Most of the allegations contradict the bulk of medical evidence . . ., but its author offers a convenient explanation: collusion between aspartame’s manufacturers, the medical establishment, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
Unfortunately, the bulk of Internet information on matters of health, medicine and related matters is just poppycock, and some of it is absolutely malicious. Some expert knowledge is required for enabling one to evaluate the information and separate it from trash. (I am a scientist, and I believe I have the necessary expertise.) The Web site of “Quackwatch” at provides valuable information on trustworthy and suspect Internet sites. (I must add, however, even Quackwatch has a blind spot where Fluoridation of water is concerned.)

t_comments said...

madame daisies,

any reason why only trashmen, milkmen and housemaids should listen to your "good advice" namely in this stick to cycles instead of bikes/cars and not eat junk food? Should they not have any aspirations? This advice is equally applically to everybody especially s/w and bpo white coller types who sit on their derriers all day.

May I enquire about your mode of transport?

And are you absolutely sure that you know better than you maid in all the aspects you mentioned?

I thought you were ok, but your general tone in this post reeks of a certain sense of superiority (caste?)

FYI I've known simple people like house-maids who know a whole lot more about home remedies, do exercise and maintain healthy body by virtue of their menial jobs and who generally eat simple rustic healthy food. Yeah occassionally they like to "indulge" in maggie noodles, aspire to own a bike and derive mental comfort from expensive injections ... give them a break please ...

daisies said...

wow, t_comments,

with all your allegations, i am
actually beginning to susect that
i might indeed be a superior human
being than you.

as for wanting to advise my maid
why would i not want to advise her ? she is my dear maid who has
been around me for years, and
naturally i care enough about
her health to help her with my

i didnt try to advise my milkman
and trashman, i was just saying
they wont listen anyway.

buzz off t_comments, i dont write
on this blog for you. there are
a few sane people who arent about
to interpret me as superior, simply
because two days back i mentioned
my caste.

your reply to my post
just shows how ANTI upper-caste
you are!!!!

even your responses my post are
caste based!

By the way, how do you know what
caste my maid is ? you made some
assumption, didnt you ?!

buzz off.


daisies said...

and I use the word
"upper-caste" for lack of a
better word.

daisies said...

and by the way, Mister t_comments,

my maid also gives me advice on
food, health, medicines, and i
give her a patient hearing.

so the advising is two-way, and
i dont force my views on her.

in fact, she spends much more
time advising me, than i advise
her. and i always give her a
patient hearing.

thankfully, she doesnt think i
am acting superior simply becoz
my caste is brahmin.

i guess my maid knows me better
than Mister T_comments.


kum said...

There is no reason to pick up people from 'lower'/menial worker to show that 'unhealthy' food practices unless it is implied that daisies and nizhal yodhas have much cleaner 'Satvika' food habits.

There is a story. One disciple asked his guru to advise his son to stop eating candies/sweets. The guru thought for a moment and told his disciple to come after a few days. A few days later he propmtly advised the child to stop eating candies. Now his disciple asked his guru why he had to wait for so many days to give this advise. The guru said he himself was eating candies. So he didn't find himself fit to give advise to the child before he practised what he was preaching.

daisies said...


Plerase read clearly before you
write biased responses.

Nizhal Yoddha's post is clearly
"this is happening to the poor in india too"

See the word "too" in the title ?

I suppose you know English, dont
you ?

Nizhal Yoddha was talking sense.

And he didnt suggest milkman and
trashman should not upgrade their
transport. He only said the diet
of starchy foods is unsuited to
their changing lifestyle (of
less physical exercise).

I think you and the other commentor
called t_comments have knee-jerk
anti-intelligent people attitudes
as well as anti-upper caste

And because of your bad attitudes
I am not going to read through
either of your posts to gain any
knowledge if it contains any. I'll
ignore disrespectful commentors
even if they have a gold-mine of
knowledge to share.


t_comments said...

Madame Daisies,

Whoa!! Me made assumption? All I said was the word "caste". Did I say I thought you were of upper caste and your maid lower caste? Now who is making caste based assumptions I wonder?

Madame Petunia, YOU are the one who so naturally assumed that I meant your maid was of a lower caste...

So who has "knee jerk" reactions?

Rajeev's post was reasonable. Its your repeated patronising and condescending posts in this topic that is keeping me "buzzing" around this issue

anti-intelligent... anti-upper-caste ... whatever next? please be reasonable my dear.

BTW your assumption that I am a Mister is also wrong .. it is "madame" just the same as you ;-)

So long Madame, I'll "buzz off" now, I definitely don't intend to hover around this particular flower for too long ...

t_comments said...

"And because of your bad attitudes
I am not going to read through
either of your posts"

if I say sorry, will you please reconsider reading my posts please, pretty please!

ha ha that one made my day!! ROTFL! :-)

come on now madame fuschia, who you kiddin ... sure you are going to read through them .... you may not comment ... but we both know that YOU WILL READ!

daisies said...

I did come back here to see if
Rajeev had any comments.

I saw some more comments from
t_comments, and saw I had been
described as condescending.

I think t_comments has serious
self-esteem issues and should see
a psychologist to get help and
restore his self-esteem.

I dont care if you are a he or

I called you Mister because I
dont care one way or the other.

Your response was rude and
casteist. I dont care whether I
got your gender right.

I assure you I havent bothered to read your gold-mine of wisdom.
You dont deserve that kind of


daisies said...

Dear t_comments,

Let me offer you my shrink couch
for free:

1. Rajeev posts on milkman/trashman
and advises readers to talk on

2. I write back saying milkman,
trashman wont listen, for
example, my maid.

3. Most normal people would ignore
that comment, since really it
was in response to the advice
Rajeev gave. (Maybe I should
add for your benefit, that my
post was written ONLY to
Rajeev, in response to his).

4. There was nothing caste
related in my post.

5. You had an axe to grind with me
ever since I mentioned my caste
in Rajeev's post about caste.
You hated me starting few
days back, based on my caste.

6. You hate the confidence with
which I write. To you it comes
across like condescenscion.

6. You respond with caste-based

7. You go on to call me names.

All this, for a post that did
not have anything at all to do
with i) You ii) Your Caste
ii) My Caste.

Dont you see your own psychology
playing out ?

You should hire a psychologist to
help to build your sorely
lacking self-esteem, so that you
dont feel threatened by someone
else's self-esteem.

If you are really a she, then you
must be a very, very jealous one.
Someone who cant stand another
woman expressing her thoughts

My posts on this blog are mostly
in response to Rajeev. Only when
someone raises a query or makes a
factually incorrect statement, i
respond to that, with whatever I
know on the subject.

My guess is you are a He. You
remind me of someone I have known
before. Someone who stopped writing
here for some reason, which I will
not presume to know. But I think I


DarkStorm said...


MSG might not be that harmful, but a little excess might turn out to be.

Even something like plain simple salt might be fatal in large quantities.