Tuesday, April 25, 2006

mohdan spills the beans on what 'secularism' really is

apr 25th

inadvertently, this man has clarified what 'secularism' means.

if what has been practised at ajmer is 'secularism', then 'secularism'
== mohammedanism.

the ajmer dargah is visibly built on top of a hindu/jain temple.

thank you for clarifying what arjun singh is striving so hard to
demonstrate wordlessly.

Clerics write to PM on J&K
- By Archana Jyoti

New Delhi, April 19: In a significant departure from established
convention, the Nazim of the Ajmer shrine has joined the Dar-ul-Uloom of
Deoband in Uttar Pradesh to address separate letters to Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh, urging him to intervene directly for a peaceful
resolution of the Kashmir issue, while maintaining that Jammu and
Kashmir "is an integral part of India."
Ajmer Dargah Nazim Syed Sarwar Chishti also made support for the
Congress and specifically Congress president Sonia Gandhi in the May 8
Rae Bareli byelection conditional to a resolution of the "immediate
problems" of the people of Kashmir. "I also take this opportunity to
make the present Congress-led government aware of our resentment towards
its policies regarding US President George W. Bush and its friendly
approach towards him," he wrote. Syed Sarwar Chishti also made it clear
that there was concern about the government’s tendency to blame "all and
sundry" for acts of militancy without proof. He said that before the
Congress asked Muslims for their support in elections, it should
"deliver peace to the Valley of Kashmir rather than lip-service to
Indian Muslims."
The letters have, for the first time, linked Indian Muslims with the
people of Jammu and Kashmir. Syed Chishti made it clear: _*"This message
is going from the shrine where secularism is not only preached but has
been practised since the last 800 years*_, and the message is for the
solution of the overwhelming problems of the Kashmiri population and not
in support of any particular group or leaders. This is a message in the
best cause of humanity."


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virat0 said...

If the clarification is news, then we have to wait for days when secularism would be implemented on a lot of secularists. The bad thing is it will be implemented on non-secularists too, but all Arjun Singhs can't be free from secularism, some of them will be caged with none to shout in the media.