Saturday, April 01, 2006

balochistan: more on the genocide everyone's forgotten

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the "valued ally in the war on terrorism" doing a spot of ethic cleansing.


Govt. of Balochistan said...

Nizhal Yoddha,

Thanks for reminding the readers of this blog about the genocide of Baloch by the ruthless Pakistani military.

Over 600 hundred Balochis have been massacred (many were innocent children and women from the Baloch Hindu community) and over 4,000 are in prison for voicing their concern.

The global community must start a grassroots campaign to end this blatant violation of human rights by the Pakistani military dictatorship.

Concerned Baloch

san said...

I email news columnists all the time about Musharraf's murder campaign in Balochistan. This criminal is getting all kinds of helicopters, tanks and missiles from the US so that he can supposedly wage war on AlQaeda and Taliban, and meanwhile he's waging war on the helpless Baloch while ignoring the former two. And what's amazing is that the US is actually going along with this, and they even recently denied an entry visa to a Pakistani senator from Balochistan. There's no justice.