Tuesday, April 25, 2006

some questions in response to RISA questions

koenraad elst send the following mail that risa types want answers to
the following. will someone on RISA please post my questions there, too?

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ begin quote from some risa type

(About the terms "Dalit" "Harijan", "SC", quote:)

I will answer your question with a question: How many of the major
temples in India that are patronized by caste Hindus have ex-untouchable
priests of any self-designation (Harijan, etc.)? How many Hindu leaders
who are ex-untouchables of any self-designation (Harijan, etc.) are
there who count significant numbers of "touchables" amongst their
followers? How many ex-untouchables of any self-designation (Harijan,
etc.) sit on the governing board of the VHP? How many ex-untouchables
of any self-designation (Harijan, etc.) hold high leadership positions
within the RSS? ...and, while we are at it, why is it that Hindu
ex-untouchables always seem to form separate sects whose membership is
predominantly or exclusively made up of others like themselves rather
than caste Hindus? And if the leaders of such sects desired the
recognition and respect of caste Hindu leaders, what name do you think
they would have to call themselves by, "Dalit" or "Harijan"?
§§§§§§§§§§§§§ end quote from some risa type

sure enough. as soon as they answer the following:

1. how many major churches in the us that are patronized by whites have
any black priests or leaders?
2. how many christian leaders who are black have significant numbers of
whites among their followers? how about vice versa? how many blacks are
members of cults like pat robertson's, oral roberts', and so forth?
3. how many blacks sit on the governing board of the mormons? of the
vatican? of the catholic church in the us? of the southern baptists? of
the unitarians? of the christian scientists? of the moonies? of the
episcopalians? of the methodists? of the seventh day adventists?
4. how many blacks hold high leadership positions in the salvation army,
which is the closest equivalent to the RSS? how many hispanics do? how
many asians do? same questions for the republican party? the democratic
national council?
5. why is it that blacks always seem to form separate
sects/cults/churches whose membership is predominantly or exclusively
made up of blacks rather than whites? same question for chinese,
koreans, filipinos, hispanics, etc?
6. if the leaders desired the recognition and respect of whites what
name do you think they call themselves by, black, hispanic, korean,
chinese etc or just christian?

talk of people living in glass houses! the christian church is far more
oppressive and discriminatory than any hindu ever was! so is american
society in general.

heal thyself first before pontificating to others!


virat0 said...

There should be questions on how many are there in RISA with influence who appreciate hindus other than racist view propagated by white christist colonialists like Max Mueller ?

What if a hindu of any jAti doesn't wish to thinkhemself as a dalita ? How many RISA types have ability to recognize that ? DO they have a theory to appreciate it ?

toughgirl said...

There were more white priests or officials in the Christian Church and more Arab clerics in the Muslinm religion, because those religions spread from their areas to other places.
Now we see more and more persons from the newly converted areas occupying important places in those religions.
Moreover nationality or skin colour or being born in a certain family is not a criterion for becoming a Christian or Muslim.
Aparthied or any other social injustice if practiced in a certain area by a group of people does not happen because Christianity or Islam advocates such behaviour.
India will never improve unless it learns to separate religion from politics.
I am surprised that Rajiv with his good western education and exposure to western culture still has difficulty separating the two issues.
If Christian missionaries did not come to India, risking their health and sometimes life, to teach Indians values of equality, freedom, truth etc. Indians would still have been comfortably living in the Dark ages with their High caste ill treating the lower castes.
Even some BJP leaders have acknowledged their education to the humanitarian service rendered by Christian institutions like St Stephen college in Delhi.
Indians and BJP in particular should realise that being white has nothing to do with Christianity and that all Arabs are not necessarily Muslim, or that a Muslim can be a patriotic Indian.
Till this happens, India's future is bound to be bleak, and thee is no point blaming Bush or Blair for it.
If the landing of less that 20 employees of East India Company in India to buy pepper and ginger for trade, resulted in their company ruling the whole sub-continent, I think we should look for problems within our society than outside.