Monday, April 10, 2006

Fwd: TN Elections...

apr 10th

thanks, ns, for sending this info. i didnt know anything about this new party.

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I am a regular reader of your blog and thought I wd share something new in TN elections.
A newly formed party named Lok Paritran is contesting 10 assembly seats mostly from chennai this time. The party was established quite recently by youngsters - some of them from IITs who have studied and worked abroad. Immediately after the party was formed, elections were notified in TN and they decided to take the plunge.
Mostly consisting of youngsters, the party seems to have struck a chord with gen next and one could feel the enthusiasm and resolve to change society from within the system, in the two public meetings that I attended  so far. They want to win.
Of course there are quite a few from the older generation (inlcuding yours truly) also who are excited by what is happening and feel that there is hope yet for this country. If this enthusiasm and energy of gen next gets channelised in cleaning the quagmire of Indian politics we might live to see a silent revolution.
At least in Mylapore the choice for the voters was between a Cinema comedian known for his double entendre and a film villain. Now we have somebody who has been pursuing a doctorate in economics in NY. We only hope there is a whiff of fresh air from the Bay of Bengal.
The party has a basic  site at .

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hindu said...

how come rajeev...

i had talked to you about this party onc, like a month ago. And you had saaid..only time will tell where they get to.