Monday, April 24, 2006

on lok paritran -- request for some publicity

apr 24

i know practically nothing about this group, simply forwarding this

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Subject: from a fellow blogger..
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 22:50:59 +0530
From: Anantha

Hi Folks!
No this is not some read and DTN..

I am sure we all would have at one time or the other professed some
heavy fundas to 'improve' our nation. We would have surely had heated
arguments about how and why things go wrong here..many of us wud have
been silent spectators to the system being abused/misused..

And many a times we wud have said "some educated guys shud have the
courage and strength to come to politics and cleanse.."

So here are some educated well minded folks who have started a party
with some conscience. Please see for their
vision, philosophy and the people involved. Though it has come to be
known as "The IITians party" its formed by a group of like minded
"educated" people.

Now in this coming TN elections they have fielded candidates in
following 8 constituencies in Madras.

Santhanagopalan – Mylapore

Elanthirumaran – Chepauk

Ishrayel Mahesh – Thousand lights

Prashanth Sharma – Egmore

Arvind Tiruvaiyar - T.Nagar

Rajamani – Annanagar

Hariharan – saidapet

Rabindra Ganesh – Park

There are already sms and fwd emails going on..

But my request to you big time bloggers (with heavy readerships) to
spread the word around and request the people in their (and your) know
in these constituencies to vote for them. Lets for once try some
"educated" politicians..

Let us be a part of some awakening and let us do more than just yapping
suggestions for a change. Here some guys have come out. Lets come out
and extend all possible support in the best ways we can.

Warm regards
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DarkStorm said...

I dont really know much about them but they seemed to be leftist, when I first visited their site.

Even if its filled with IITians, it will be of no use if they follow amartya-nussbaum-witzel dogma. (or their indian equivalents).

What do you think ?

someone said...

darkstorm: They seem to be more focused on socio-economic problems than left/right ideologies. They don't seem to be very "politically enlightened", to say the least. I don't expect them to achieve a breakthrough in the near future, but I'll be watching them with interest, as will a lot of others, I'm sure. If nothing else, it'll be a good learning experience for similar attempts by others in the future.

Personally, I think they need much more experience, both in life and political life. But my best wishes for them anyway :)

Ananthoo said...

Thanks a lot rajeev..
I dont think they are left (nor right as i wud like them to be)..atleast thats what i guess as of now..
and for sure any one is better than the 2 dravidian parties is the ground reality in TN..
lets see if some people atleast react to some educated responsible people taking a plunge in to politics.
thanks again