Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lord Shiva printed on a Thong

apr 2nd

this sepiamutiny is a blog run by uppity ABCDs who think they're the cat's meow. on the contrary, these ABCDs are sort of in trisanku state, too brown to be accepted by their white peers, and too white to be acceptable to brown people. bunch of clowns, actually.

these kids were probably brutalized in school for being scrawny little brown 90-pound weaklings with glasses with their noses buried in books, and they carry a chip on their shoulder about it still. as i understand it they are like good old jawaharlal nehru who was humiliated by little white kids in british school, and according to stanley wolpert, buggered by them too. nehru never got over his craving for attention from white guys, nor his craving for white women (and men too?).

these half-caste kids are probably the same way. they probably wish they could bleach their skin (michael jackson style). i feel a little sorry for them.

if they are so eager to put down their 'south asian' background, why aren't they insulting mohammedan beliefs as well? well, we know the answer. they are a little worried that their fellow-'south asian'-american mohammedans on sepia mutiny who applaud their hindu-bashing will be first in line to kick their butts and slice their jugulars if they did any mohammedan-bashing.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chitra

Yesterday, on the 31st of March, an internet blog that calls itself "Sepia Mutiny" decided to play an april fools joke on its readers. They replaced their website with another one that offered to sell certain products in the coming future. They then lamented about how they lost the rights to, where they had been parked all along.

Among the products offered was a thong with a Shiv Ling printed on it. I have attached an html document that is a complete replication of what was seen on the website, in case it goes offline in the future. Also attached is a JPG image of that website when it was online.

That website is still online at:

Also see the blog at:

After reading the comments in the website and looking at the conversations on the blog, I have not found this april fools joke to be even mildly amusing.

This is a serious assault on the sensitivities of Shiva Devotees in America. Upon browsing the website, you will note that they have already printed an apology on their website. This was done even before anyone protested this action of theirs. Which indicates that they deliberately decided to poke fun at a shivlingam by displaying it being printed on a thong. The apology does not mean anything as they continue to post the offending pictures of the thong with the shivlingam on it.

It appears that this group is deliberately trying to insult hindus and demean hindu beliefs..

Lord Shiva is an important figure in Indian culture. In the interests of maintaining a diverse population in the USA, it is important that no religious belief be brought to ridicule. Such attempts by pathetic hatemongers that the higherups at Sepia Mutiny are, must be stopped.

Could someone please guide me as to how punitive action may be taken against this group??

Any pro-active action by groups to bring some sanity tinto the brains of these morons will be appreciated. I believe the main contact person running the website is an individual called Manish Vij, who can be reached at:

In case you found this stunt of printing a shivling on a thong offending, please write to him about it and please spread the word around so more people will get involved in this matter.

As you might be aware the Hindu American Foundation is currently sueing the California board of education for not following proper procedure in treating academic hindu studies fairly in accordance with california regulations. This is one more instance of how contemporary hindu studies in America create mindsets that are totally hostile to a hindu Amrican living a hindu life in America.



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EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

Here's the info on

Domain Name:

Created on..............: 04 Aug 2004 02:35:03
Expires on..............: 04 Aug 2006 02:35:03

Registrant Info:
Vij Consulting
Manish Vij
PMB 200, 650 Castro St., Ste. 120
Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone: +1.6505037023
Fax..: 650-503-7023

Administrative Info:
Sepia Mutiny
Manish Vij
P.O. Box 617
New York, NY 10159
Phone: +1.2125551212

I agree with Chitra -- theres nothing funny about it and this guy should take the site off-line ASAP, if Hindus don't respect their own religion and values, nobody else will.

san said...

Considering the date in question was March 31st / April 1, then it appears to have been done as an April Fool's prank. Perhaps you might make reference to this, just so that you're not accused of having been ignorant of it.

chitrakut said...

insulting other peoples beliefs as a part of an april fools joke is not good humor. Dont try telling us what they did is okay.

san said...

First of all, I didn't justify what they did -- you're reading too much into my comments. On the other hand, every time Hindus get into another fatwa-issuing frenzy, it only gets used by Leftists as ammunition to make the targets into Salman Rushdie martyr-celebrities. Why make someone into a Rushdie-type celebrity hero? If you're going to express something, then express sadness and hurt -- but don't express anger and rage that will only be portrayed by others as fanaticism. Sadness and hurt work fine for wider public consumption in the context of a freedom of speech issue. But anger and rage merely play into the hands of those who are waiting anxiously to equate Hinduism with Islam.

You saw how much disgust was generated against the Muslim community over their stupid cartoon riots. Even I admit that the cartoons were not all in good taste, but the Islamic reaction against it generated a lot more negative attention than the cartoons themselves did.

Same thing with this Afghan convert to Christianity issue. The Islamic scholars have only made themselves look like idiots. And now I heard you also saying that heretics need to be brought into line. On a mere freedom of speech issue, you have to understand how to handle the situation deftly, rather than lashing out in some instinctive animal-passion way, like a bull in a china shop. There is a productive way to handle a problem, and then there is an unthinking animalistic reaction which only allows others to herd you where they want you.

Everytime Muslims dig a hole for themselves, I see some Hindus quickly wanting to jump in too. There's no point in imitating Islamic attitudes towards freedom of speech. We're not trapped in the 7th Century like they are, and there's no point in envying or emulating their 7th Century public relations skills.

chitrakut said...

you are posting nonsense here.

chitrakut said...

I like the comment about these guys being like trishanku. It is very apt indeed.

Gameboys said...

This is for Chitrakut - I have been reading the blog (sepiamutiny) for quite some time now, and there have been occasions where the tone of a post was definitely condescending towards India, but I wouldn't say SepiaMunity are "hatemongers". If you are outraged by what they did, certainly protest it and point out what was inappropriate and ask for the offending pictures to be taken down. Don't bark! Present your case rationally. What San said makes a lot of sense. Since you find it non-sensical, I take it you're pigheaded.

chitrakut said...

Yeah your are right. Protesting that they take the Shiv ling out of their Thong is Being Pigheaded. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

These chaps ought to be taught a lesson. You dont negitiate with osama bin laden. You dont negotiate with Musharraf. The same was you dont negotiate with people who print a Shiv Ling on a Thong and then gloat about it. It appearsyou have friends there. Why dont you drill some sense into their empty brains so they dont post their pictures there anymore.

I hope more people get to know about this shiv ling on the Thong to make their judgement on Sepiamutiny. The message on this post need to be spread wider.

KapiDhwaja said...

There is one word for this particular variety of ABCD idiots. Brown-Trash.

chakding said...

but it was funny, no harm in admitting it... wooo hooo! go sepia!

ok,enough! i'll get the samosas, you get the kerosene, and chitra ask rajeev to get a better lighter this time, lets go torch the north dakota HQ of these arrogant half caste, religious-gawar, rootless, dare they!!

O-rings & Things said...

I don't agree w/ "half castes" as an insult. How many people reading this have parents or a spouse from a different caste or know of such happily married Good Hindu couples? We got into this whole mess w/ "Buddhists/Mohomaddeans/Christians" partly because of this attitude.

Anyways, the Shivling on a Thong turned me off, and I have made my feelings known. As for the website being run by anti-Hindu/anti-Indians, that is unlikely. Most are clearly rooting for the right team.

Karthik said...

Whoo, no please be secular and do a equal-equal. So about those mutineers putting Jesus and Mary Magdalene on panties?

Or Mohammed and his 8 year old 'wife' Ayesha on a bra? Those Danish cartoons would be a walk in park compared to that, no?

Manish said...

Rajeev again mixes up his chhota peg with his lotah. The SM parody criticized exotica such as the Shiva thong, which is an actual product. I'm sorry I hold a viewpoint which agrees with yours. It's very embarrassing to admit in public.

How about doing something about the Ganesh statue with penises around its neck. Oh, but that might require you to read something other than Shiv Sena pamphlets.

You're blind and out of your depth, Yudhisthira.

chitrakut said...

In fact on the page below:

read carefully the sentences "Each mutineer contributed to the product designs (can you guess who was the main force behind each design?)"

From above, Sepia mutiny's website claims to have designed all the products that were displayed. Now some people are claiming these exact products existed before. What is the truth.

I do not believe that the people of Sepia Mutiny are innocent. Why are such pictures like the Thong with the Shiv Ling even displayed here again if they earlier offended people. What makes people think that people will not get offended when such pictures are displayed a second time on the internet.

chitrakut said...

Imitating people known to Insult indian beliefs is not way to show your protest against such behavior by them.

By creating such ads and displaying them on sepia mutiny's website, they have done nothing at all to help all those that have protested such action as the om thong or the Ganesh Statues with penises around its neck.

You are only fooling yourself by first telling us that, just like us you protest such acts by western hippies, and then behave exactly like the people you are protesting against saying that its just an joke.

I see your displaying the Thong with the Shivling as an endorsement by you of all the products that were introduced into the market that were disrespectfull to hindu historical figures.

And again, dont even try fooling us.