Friday, April 21, 2006

latin america dumps old parties

apr 21st

wouldnt it be wonderful if the indian electorate did the same thing: dump both the congress and the marxists?

yes, it's unlikely that the left will lose bengal completely but they can be hurt and chastened if this election shows they are not so omnipotent or universally beloved.

in kerala, alas, it's tweedledum and tweedledee: whether it's the left or the congress, it's the same faces -- some christist will be the revenue minister so that he can handily give away public land to encroaching christists; some mohammedan will be education minister so that he can destroy the schools and colleges that hindus can go to and help the christist and mohammedan institutions which have state-funded salaries, but huge bribes that go to the management to hire teachers or admit students.


Ragz said...

It would be wonderful if Congress and Marxists are dumped. But is it possible? My guess is that who vote for congress are the same people who are repeatedly being duped by it. Hard to imagine why.
Now we have another gift from congress. More Mandal in education and reservations in private sector. The clear antidote for reservations was privatisation. But if they bring quota in private we will loose the single most advantage we have in knowledge economy. But why will congires care for such things. Arjun Singh has earned enough for four to five generations of his family..

iamfordemocracy said...

Have you noticed that there is very little election analysis from Bengal if any on popular news channels? Both the Bihar elections were covered almost 15 hours/day just after the elections were announced. Kahiye netaji of star news went everywhere in other states. On Bengal, everyone is silent.

Do we at all have democracy?

bodhi dharma said...

No hindu has ever been in education ministry in Kerala (except once and that too a marxist convert). We can see the results- total destruction of govt. schools and unwanted hype and pseudo-culture pervading in 99%pvt(christist madrasas + islamic madrasas). Hindus are easily brainwashed by communal media like missionary-run manorama, deepika in Kerala. Even the middle-aged ladies are easily lured by junk TV serials which has sublimal messages against Hindus and hinduism. It's time to boycott most of the fundementalist institutions.

Anyway both LDF and UDF are communal and they both compete to help terrorists like Mahdani. Where else in this world , you'll ever see legisltors , cutting across party lines- voicing for a anti-national inhuman predator?