Friday, April 21, 2006

pioneer: media as dalals in bengal

apr 20th

good for udayan namboodiri, who is putting his mouth where his money is,
and contesting the elections in bengal.

i like the guy's spirit and plain-speaking.

what are the chances that the marxists will take a beating in bengal?
not too bad, i think.

what are the chances that the marxists will take a beating in kerala?
alas, pretty low. everybody is so sick and tired of the christist
fundamentalists like oommen chandy and k m mani, for one. besides, the
marxists have done a great job of pandering to the mohammedan
fundamentalists like madani this time.

Media as middlemen in Buddha's Bengal

Inside track | Udayan Namboodiri

>From a journalist's point of view, I have never seen anything like this
before. This is the phoniest election I have encountered in my whole
life. It's not just that everything is so low key in the West Bengal
election of 2006 (it's something like a cracker-free Diwali, what with
the Election Commission's strictures on use of wall graffiti and
loudspeakers) but even the involvement of the principal forces is so
detached, so profane, that one soon begins to suspect whether somewhere
in a corner a time bomb is ticking away.

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Ragz said...

Are you simply being optimistic about Bengal? For all I know, I don't see any chance of Marxists defeated in Bengal. K J Rao tried, but it's very hard to clean up the mess Communists created in one go...