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[Fwd: Aryan idols: Biblical classifications, from Noah's sons to the Aryan race]

apr 24th

sounds like pretty good research into the dubious 'aryan' concept. it's
as those perceptive folks at the SABHA think-tank demonstrated: 'aryan'
is basically creationist mythology based nonsense from abbe dubois and
max mueller.

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Subject: Aryan idols: Biblical classifications, from Noah's sons to the
Aryan race
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 13:57:20 -0400
To: S. Kalyanaraman

Arvidsson, Stefan *Aryan Idols*: /Indo-European Mythology as Ideology
and Science/. Translated by Sonia Wichmann. 320 p., 23 halftones, 6 line
drawings, 17 tables. 6 x 9 2006

Cloth $55.00spec 0-226-02860-7 Spring 2006

Critically examining the discourse of Indo-European scholarship over the
past two hundred years, /Aryan Idols/ demonstrates how the
interconnected concepts of "Indo-European" and "Aryan" as ethnic
categories have been shaped by, and used for, various ideologies.

Stefan Arvidsson traces the evolution of the Aryan idea through the
nineteenth century—from its roots in Bible-based classifications and
William Jones's discovery of commonalities among Sanskrit, Latin, and
Greek to its use by scholars in fields such as archaeology,
anthropology, folklore, comparative religion, and history. Along the
way, Arvidsson maps out the changing ways in which Aryans were imagined
and relates such shifts to social, historical, and political processes.
Considering the developments of the twentieth century, Arvidsson focuses
on the adoption of Indo-European scholarship (or pseudoscholarship) by
the Nazis and by Fascist Catholics.

A wide-ranging discussion of the intellectual history of the past two
centuries, /Aryan Idols /links the pervasive idea of the Indo-European
people to major scientific, philosophical, and political developments of
the times, while raising important questions about the nature of
scholarship as well.


1. From Noah's Sons to the Aryan Race: The Foundation Is Laid
2. A Place in the Sun: The Paradigm of Nature Mythology
3. Primitive Aryans: Research near the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
4. Order and Barbarianism: Aryan Religion in the Third Reich
5. Horsemen from the East: Alternatives to Nazi Research


* ANTHROPOLOGY: Cultural and Social Anthropology
* RELIGION: Comparative Studies and History of Religion
* HISTORY: European History
* HISTORY: History of Ideas

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the USA, consult our international information page

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