Monday, April 24, 2006

me on rediff on prof eachara warrier and the rajan case

apr 24th

i have only a few heroes; they are the ones who fight on against
overwhelming odds because their cause is right.

eachara warrier was one such hero.


drisyadrisya said...

Very touching and timely article

heard melodies are sweet.. those unheard are sweeter...

kum said...

It is really sad. I was a small boy then in 70's . But I remember having heard that Rajan was a naxalite and mocked Karu when Karu came for some festival in REC. There is this song in Arakallan Mukkakallan film.'Kanaka Simhasanathil kayari irrikkunavan sunakano atho sumbhano.' That was the song sung by him on that fateful day.Not that this justifies whatever happened. And Karu was no small fry. Legend has it that he burned Sitaram mills in Punkunam, Trichur in his early days as labour leader. I mean Rajan should have been careful when he was dealing with such a guy and that too during Emergency.

bodhi dharma said...

Sad part is Eachara wariar was unfortunate to see the 'conversion' of kerala into a mafia capital. Today even the marxists(who have capitalized his son's death to the maximum) have spoken against that soul! None in the kerala media or the politicians had the time to write like what Rajeev did.
What else can we expect from the kerala's jehadi politicians (LDF&UDF) who are working 24x7 to release dreaded terrorists like Mahadani and trying hard to cover-up the Muslim league (a pakistani party in kerala) ministers' involvement in Marad massacre. Communal CM had the time to give a reception to one Noushad who git saved from a Saudi punishment. But Eachara warrier was a born Oomen chandy and other kerala politicians and media-men have to practice aparthied against a hindu. that's the way it's in Kerala

chandramahal said...

The Hindu victims of Kerala seem to have given up !
They seem to have reconciled themselves to a futher stint of five years under Marxists, Mullahs and the Xian converts.
God help them !!

Prashant Rao said...

Thank you Rajeev for that heartfelt eulogy to Eachara Warrier. I was crying reading his tortured writing longing for his lost son. No parent should have to go through this.