Monday, April 10, 2006

lou dobbs makes noise about chinese pcs

apr 10th

ok maybe this is a little misplaced but it is true that stranger things have happened. before the first iraq war, the us supplied standard computer printers to the iraqi army. except these were not quite standard, but had GPS chips built in. so they would broadcast their location to orbiting satellites. those printers which were used by mobile iraqi anti-aircraft batteries surreptitiously let the americans pinpoint the big guns for destruction. this is how the americans achieved complete air superiority in a very short while.

in india, and i have mentioned this before but nobody seems bothered, companies directly owned by the chinese government are building india's deepest port/container terminal at vizhinjam, trivandrum. how much do you want to bet that they'll leave trojan horses there that will cause all sorts of damage? not to mention the unlimited opportunities to ship money to friends *during* the construction.


Cacoethes said...

Talking about Trojan Horses: According to a report on NDTV ( ), "a contract has been granted to a foreign player, the Dubai Ports World to develop the Gangavaram port in Andhra Pradesh." NDTV says this has resulted in the Indian Navy being denied "access to a port to berth the indigenous nuclear submarine which is being built. ... [A] senior retired official has questioned whether the interests of India's Eastern Naval Command has been compromised. ¶ The Navy wanted Gangavaram as a base for its nuclear submarines. But they've been told to look elsewhere and the go-ahead for the port has been given to the Dubai Ports World, the world's third biggest port operator. ¶ Incidentally, DPW was in the news recently after US lawmakers successfully protested against them taking over the New York port. ¶ Sources told NDTV, India seems to have compromised its security to accommodate Dubai Ports World, now a controversial monopoly operator in India. ¶ According to the sources, Gangavaram was identified by the Navy as best suited to build berthing facilities for its Advanced Technology Vessel project or nuclear submarine. ¶ But four years ago, the Navy was told to look elsewhere. ¶ "The Eastern Naval Command at Vishakhapatnam has many strategic assets placed around there. A foreign company operating in Gangavaram hardly a few kilometres away certainly in my view, raises security issues of a very serious nature," said EAS Sharma, former secretary, Economic Affairs. "

Our "lawmakers" are a different breed from the US ones!

surya said...

Some crap on Rediff by an Indian Muslim.

He mentions that there is a problem for Maharastrians to find a house in Mumbai....but he contradicts himself when he says that he cant become a part of Indian mainstream because of this discrimination.

The actual sufferers in India are the so called Upper castes. They all start questioning now. Why should they show allegiance to a country which doesnt care for them? Why should they live in a country which reserves more than 50% of the seats on the caste basis? Why should the soldiers who belong to Upper Castes lay down their lives for the country which works against them?

Sailesh Ganesh said...

Check out this article here. It is written by a Muslim about why he wont live among Hindus! The cheek! We should come up with an article of our own about why we dont want any Muslims living among us, I'm sure we can come up with 10 reasons for every one that he comes up with.

SV said...


Great article..One question: Where did you get the info about GPS chips in printers? I searched the net and could not find anything to back it. Let us know.