Friday, April 21, 2006

corruption elsewhere

apr 21

not that it makes one jump for joy, but there are other places -- like
sicily -- as corrupt as india.

this mafioso's reign reminds me of the veerappan saga -- surely they
could have caught him years ago. but they -- that is, certain rich and
powerful politicians -- did not want him caught. he was more useful to
them the way he was running around.

the hereditary protection racket -- father politician to son politician
-- is visible also in the way the nehru dynasty has kept itself in
power. it suits lots of rich and powerful politicians to have the
dynasty in power. they know how to deal with it, which is why a lot of
them were quite put out when the bjp came to power: damn, got to start
cultivating some new guys.

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san said...

Speaking of corruption, take a look at the IMF:

The Europeans are reluctant to give up their privy purses.