Sunday, April 16, 2006

nuclear deal: news insight changes its mind

apr 16th

they are now seeing the light. that this is a grossly one-sided and useless agreement from india's point of view.

which is of course why senators like biden are supporting it. this would be a great coup for the yanks if they pull it off.

of course, the only recourse would be for india unilaterally rescind it later. but that invites sanctions and invasion. how many 'weapons of mass destruction' do you think they will 'find' in india on demand?

(speaking of WMDs -- shabana azmi, arjun singh, arundhati roy, natwar singh are all pretty good WMDs for destroying india)

but india is in a fine pickle now. the fifth columnists of the vatican and saudi arabia rule in delhi with the support of the fifth columnists of the chinese. to hedge their bets, the chinese are also fomenting armed revolution in about a third of india.

the country is in deep doo-doo.

so what's to worry about the yanks taking the nukes away? we're screwed anyway.

sonia gandhi coming to power is the second biggest disaster in a hundred years. the biggest disaster was of course nehru coming to power.

hail the dynasty! posterity will note that they did a more thorough job of screwing india than even the moguls and other mohammedan invaders. although the white christists still lead the pack by a large margin: it will take the dynasty a little more time to inflict $10 trillion worth of damage. but bless them, they are trying their darnedest to reach that target soon.


averageindian said...

I concur with Nizhal Yodha on India being in peril. IMHO, India is a ticking social and environmental time-bomb, from what I can infer reading about and witnessing events. For the country's sake I hope I am wrong! Too many vested interests in positions of authority and power, eating away the entrails of the very mother who nourishes them and thier kith and kin. Blissfully the people are unware of the danger that is looming -- US$150B in FDI will dissappear in a huff, if a major catastrophe should hit us. I say let us all pray, all and together (besides doing what we can monetarily and otherwise), maybe the "strings" will carry the message to the patient Brahman.

someone said...

One thing that worries me is how little the people are involved in the democratic process in India. Once our leaders elected that's it - they're not accountable any more. There is no public debate and a process to arrive at a general consensus on important issues, like this deal. Our news channels are more worried about Dhoni's hair-style. They only give superficial treatment to important issues like this, do some primivite SMS poll and they're done with it. The people are no better. They don't get involved in a debate, there are no civilian organisations that get airtime on Channels, nothing. And the opposition is weak and timid.

What we need is a responsible and comprehensive media, and an involved public. The latter might happen someday, but I don't see the former anywhere in the future.