Tuesday, April 25, 2006

food industry shenanigans

apr 25th


what the food industry is doing in the us.

these are the guys feeding poor people large amounts of trans fats and
high fructose corn syrup as well.

as for you, cacoethes, i cant waste time doing google searches to match
your googling capability: while you decry the internet, you parade a
bunch of sources you found on the internet as well.

if there is enough money to be made, clearly the big fast food guys are
going to fund and find 'research' that shows that the garbage they are
feeding people is good for them. and the industry-friendly bush
administration will ask the FDA to rubber-stamp this research too. the
tobacco industry similarly got lots of govt agencies to accept that
tobacco is actually good for your health. so dont wave these reports
about as though they were some gospel truth.

and dont tell me that something is good for you just because it occurs
naturally. cyanide occurs naturally. steroids are found in the body. the
poisonous fugu fish is found in nature. therefore just because something
exists naturally it doesnt mean you have to eat it or eat it in large

and oh, cacoethes, you are a scientist. that don't impress me much, to
quote a female pop singer. dont get me started on scientists: i have
ranted and raved about them here in the past. scientists are sometimes
quasi-semitic fundamentalists who cannot think beyond some dubious
theory they have embraced. they are most resistant to change.


KapiDhwaja said...

Off Topic:
Click below and read the comments for a good laugh.

Angry Cock said...

Btw the calcutta quran petition mentioned in one of the comments is detailed here. As a young indian, I was very impressed by the courage shown by the petitioners...

san said...

I came across an Indian website dealing with science fiction:


Interesting - I've never really seen any science fiction stories done by Indian authors.

Cacoethes said...

Re: nizhal yoddha @ 7:47 AM "and oh, cacoethes, you are a scientist. that don't impress me much, to
quote a female pop singer. dont get me started on scientists . . . etc
Ad hominem attacks and invectives are not valid arguments and cannot refute facts.

nizhal yoddha said...

it is not a valid argument to wave one's credentials about, like you did with your statement "i am a scientist". as though that meant i should just defer to your judgment? i don't care if you have a nobel prize: what matters is whether you are logical and convincing. if you convince me, i am willing to change my mind. otherwise, a nobel prize dont impress me much, either. i keep mentioning nobel prize winners who made idiots of themselves, like william shockley.

this reminds of a guy who used to write crank letters to me, and always pointed out that he was born in 1917. as though being 90 years old gave him omniscience.

there is the logical fallacy known as 'appeal to authority', wherein one quotes some famous personality and thereby believes one has clinched the argument. alas, no: this is as fallacious as the more usual 'post hoc, ergo propter hoc'. check the wikipedia or google for 'logical fallacy'. so just citing some random authority's opinion ain't going to cut it.

Cacoethes said...

"Appeal to authority" is wrong only when the "authority" is not an expert in the field. When you talk about the Theory of Relativity, for example, you have to refer to Einstein. That is not wrongful "appeal to authority".
However, "In India, Jagjivan Ram’s views on art are more respected than Hussain’s, and Nehru’s views on architecture more than mine. [Cacoethes adds, views of Morarji Desai and MK Gandhi on health and nutrition are more respected than those of, say, Ramalingaswamy, C. Gopalan, or Mehtab Bamji] Hence, I an architect, joined politics to be heard and respected." — the late Piloo Mody.
Please also note that I haven't posted my curriculum vitae on your blog. I have no need to impress you or anyone else with my credentials.
I was only trying to be helpful by giving some information about MSG and aspartame. Also, I have said nothing about steroids, "natural" and so on.
It is up to you to accept or reject what I have said, and there is no need to work up a dudgeon. I have no desire to bandy words with you. I will not post anything more on this thread.