Saturday, April 08, 2006

MSN News: Mathematics could be optional after Class 8

apr 8th

that's right, fill up the rest of the hours with marxist claptrap singing the praises of the mughals and other barbarians.

someone sent me a clipping from 'the hindu' [sic] with some guy getting all gushy about babar's eloquence in 'babarnama'. wah-wah, what an insightful writer, etc. the only problem was that babar was an illiterate barbarian. the 'babarnama' was written by somebody else, if i remember right one abul fazl.

this is the sort of 'history', along with the 'aryan' invasion fairytale, that arjun singh would like students to learn. for good measure, we could include some stuff about the great helmsman (missing out the part about him not brushing his teeth and about him constantly asking for thirteen-year-old schoolgirls; or about him calmly allowing his second wife, the mother of three of his children, to be executed by the opposition without lifting a finger; and heaven forbid we talk about the 30 million people he killed in the 'great leap forward' and the 'cultural revolution').

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Mathematics could be optional after Class 8

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Hi Rajeev, Whats happening with the UPA government? Abolish Maths and then Science, and take out Indias core competency areas. A good plan to kill our growth. Regards, Sara


Arun said...

It's dated April 1, so are you sure it is not a joke?

someone said...

I hope it's an April fools joke.