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Drug Trials in India

apr 4th

i had posted this item here before and a PhD biotechnologist friend of mine had responded with her serious concerns about it. here's a doctor's view on the same.

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Subject: Drug Trials in India
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I am a regular reader of your blogs and columns. And I wish to point you towards an article which I read recently.


This is perhaps one of most disturbing news Ive read in the recent times. It shows how the average Indian can easily be exploited and abused without him/her even realising it. Please read this..





The cost of an Indian ''man''s life as calculated by Boringer Ingelheim (the German Drug company) is around 650 US Dollars. That's what one Indian doctor gets to recruit ONE patient into one of its most elaborate study.(of around 18500pts). And this is to try a drug called AGGRENOX, used in secondary stroke prevention, on the Indian man. And this is not just any Indian man, it's the poorest of the poor. They have a picked a village called SEVAGRAM (of Mahatma Gandhi fame, ironically), where people make a living selling bangles on the roadside as their LAB.


If you would like to hear to interview about this click on this link:






Dr P


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Danny Haszard said...

I applaud your blog,i took zyprexa which was ineffective for my condition and gave me diabetes.

{Only 9 percent of adult Americans think the pharmaceutical industry can be trusted right around the same rating as big tobacco}

Zyprexa, which is used for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, accounted for 32% of Eli Lilly's $14.6 billion revenue last year.

Zyprexa has been linked to causing diabetes and pancreatitis.

Did you know that Lilly made nearly $3 billion last year on diabetic meds, Actos,Humulin and Byetta?
Yes! They sell a drug that causes diabetes and then turn a profit on the drugs that treat the condition that they caused in the first place!
Daniel Haszard http://www.zyprexa-victims.com