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[Fwd: Martha Nussbaum, a Hindu hating Professor at Yale now......]

apr 21

meanwhile, amartya sen's ex-wife indulges in blood-libel against
hinduism. i guess she's a jew (from the name) who became anti-hindu "by
injection" :-)

although a jew, she's not worried about the christists who have
massacred jews all these centuries, nor mohammedans who massacre them
now. she's wants to taunt hindus and the *only* country in the world
which never oppressed jews and in fact gave them refuge when they were
being beaten up by romans in 72 ce.

amartya sen, by the way, is not a hindu. he's a brahmo samaji. those
guys believe they are superior to hindus. but they believe they are
inferior to christists and mohammedans. in fact, based on specimens like
sen the brahmos are indeed superior to the semites: able to hoodwink
them at ease.

amartya sen once claimed that the greatest indian kings were not hindus:
akbar and ashoka, he said. thereby, he implied that hindus were not even
fit to rule their own country. alas, it merely showed how ignorant
amartya sen is in history. he simply does not know about krishna deva
raya and raja raja chola. he and arjun singh make a good pair. as they
say in malayalam, the two should be yoked to a single bullock cart.
(actually, i suspect according to sen and pals, akbar and ashoka are
'great' only because they were not hindus; that is the sole criterion
for greatness.)

i wonder if his economics is as full of holes as his strikingly poor
history. there was the instance where he became a laughing stock when
his pet theory about the great advances of chinese medicine was
cuttingly and with data rebutted by a chinese survivor of those times:
the WSJ mocked sen then. similarly his pet theory about 'the kerala
model' is complete bunkum. what has helped kerala is not land reform,
but the fact that the kings were enlightened and brought education to
the people (that which had been destroyed by the british when they wiped
out village schools -- refer to dharampal's 'the beautiful tree') was
what helped kerala. and the resultant export of manpower to singapore,
then the middle east, and the great exodus of nurses to all corners of
the west. none of this had anything to do with sen's beloved mohammedans
or marxists, sorry!

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Subject: Martha Nussbaum, a Hindu hating Professor at Yale now......
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:22:11 EDT

A Hindu hating Professor at Yale now, read below:

P. S. In an effort to educate students on anti-Semitism, Martha Nussbaum
bashes Hindus.

To know more about Martha Nussbaum (and her links with Prof. Amartya
Sen), read below:


Madhwa said...

I am really amzed by the vitriol she pours in this book of hers! Hindus(rather, Hindutva-vadis!) have been trashed in just one master stroke(or so she thinks). It makes me cringe when she mixes Tolstoy and the alleged raping of Muslim women by Hindus. The book appears to have been written in an awkward hurry! May be, the guys who funded this book must have given her a strict dead line, a few Indian news papers clippings, and a few Indian contacts of the Marxist types.

This is one of the most non-sense academic pieces of work I have ever come across in my life! Not only this books needs to be trashed to dust bin but also her brain needs an urgent examination.

This lady is known to rehash media reports for her "scholarly " articles(this is on wikipedia itself). What a shame!

KapiDhwaja said...
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KapiDhwaja said...

Click below to see the Chinese President humiliated at White House. I am very happy, given that it is sweet revenge for the routinely obnoxious attitude displayed by the Chinese, towards Indian Govt. officials and India in general right here in our homeland.

virat0 said...

You correct about the economics part. Unfortunately the hindu activists, BJP didn't poke into these in India. Sen is a macaulayite, buy his book to checkout. we should have a discussion forum on Sen's economics wrt India and assumptions in general. SOme of these are faulty because of standard faulty assumptions, as it is all around. But Sen can be exposed in India by showing that he is not really that kind of stuff as the JNU scholars may portray. These are just economics, some principles that can work with best intentions only. The other part is that, unfortunately we have leftists whose idols have become cult figures. We are not far off, when they would install Marx or stalin in a temple. Waiting for the first temple to come up in next 5 years.

daisies said...


This may be no use, but I'll go
ahead and say it.

A few reasons why the Nussenbaums
and Amartya Sens get accepted
and endorsed for whatever they

They speak/write their long theses

They dont write reactively. In
fact they almost write poetically.

They dont write with anger. They
write with (apparently) very very
great concern. And with great airs
of moral superiority.

Whereas actually they just spin
novel yarn to keep their tenures


virat0 said...

I would think Sen is important because they manage thousands of jobs created in the education/reserach depts, the socialist style of economics has lot of unnecessary fat, and a lot of people would need mutual co-operation to to stay in that line. Anyway they need to manage a lot of money spent on welfare and need some help. Sen's problem is that he has some hatredness for the hindus in line of Macaulay. This is not a problem for his network. Professionally he uses his preferred philosophy and politics to express in economic formulas expressed mathematically. This gives him a greater aura among the psycophants.

KapiDhwaja said...

Assuming this b*tch Martha Nussbaum (NussBum?) is Jewish, why can't she do some Jew/Israeli bashing? How about preaching her crap to Israel? Or is it that because 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, it gives them a free hand to do whatever they want in Israel/Palestine against Islamic terrorism.

What about the 70+ million(and still counting) Hindus killed in 10 centuries by Islamic terrorists? The Hindus can't retaliate against them and are supposed to meekly die?

someone said...

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor. I didn't know they had converted yale into a mental institution where they admit, not people, but the most lunatic theories and ideologies.

Seriously though, that book is malicious, bigoted and presumptuous. And incorrect. If it had been about some other community in America, there would have been a huge public outrage in America by now, Yale would have apologised and the author would have been ostracised (like the harvard report about the Israel lobby or Ward "little Eicmanns" Churchill). But since it's about Hindus, anything flies - when you're weak, everyone gangs up on you. There *has* to be some kind of public outrage at this in America, otherwise people will think that Hindus are silent because the book is true.

PS: Nussbaum wasn't born jewish, she converted to Judaism after marrying a jewish man (and later divorced him).

daisies said...


sigh...outrage is also just what
could make them say "see, i told
you....the fundamentalists....".

how about putting an entry in
wikipedia referencing nussenbaum,
witzel, farmer, and called
"malicious hate propagandists" or
some such thing.

just a thought that popped into my
head. i dont know what the rules
are for making entries/edits in


someone said...

Daisies, good point. It's sort of a catch-22 situation - as long as we don't express outrage, they'll gang up on us, but if we do, then they'll just use it as more fodder for their theories. But I guess we have to start somewhere.

BTW, here's more work by Nussbaum:
She (like Witzel) seems to have a general dislike for India and Indians ,although the stated intention of people like her and Witzel is that their hearts bleed for India.