Saturday, April 08, 2006

india's nuclear sellout: monu nalapat

apr 8th

nalapat says bluntly what the effect of this treaty will be: permanent subservience to china. and also to pakistan.

wait, there is more.

arjun singh's new effort: reduce science and math programs for high school students. while china is improving its universities, india can aspire to be, why, just like pakistan in terms of mis-educating its children.

also, according to pakistani news sources, *because of american pressure*, the UPA government has agreed to pull out of siachen. how lovely! so that tibet to aksai chin to PoK can be an easier trip, especially when they want to transport missile and nuclear parts.

do the words mir jafar and jaichand leap to mind?

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someone said...

It's official: The present government is actively and purposefully working against the country.