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4M Report - 02 Apr 2006

apr 3rd
as usual sabha is incisive.

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SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 02 Apr 2006

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Harvard Professor: 33 + 1 = 34!

    Why do horses in India have 34 ribs? 1 plus 33 makes 34. That is why! This is on the authority of Harvard Professor Michael Witzel himself, who made this discovery and claimed that it was part of philology!
    . . . 33+1, which obviously corresponds to the 34 ribs of the horse . . . But this is mere philology . . .
    The number of ribs in a horse has nothing to do with its genes! That too has something to do with philology.
    But, while horses (Equus caballus) generally have 18 ribs on each side, this can individually vary with 17 on just one or on both sides. This is not a genetically inherited trait.
    Don't be surprised to find a horse with 17 ribs on one side and just 2 or 3 on the other! Apparently, this concludes his proof for the "fact" that horses are asses.

    This point is expected to be brought up during the Harvard Donkey Trial that has been initiated by California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials. Click here for an explanation of the term 'Harvard Donkey Trial.'

  2. "Justice" Banerjee: Muslims just threw stones on dying people

    According to "Justice" UC Banerjee, the firebombing of the train at Godhra, which killed 58 passengers, was accidental! A few months back, the former judge was asked to go on a four-nation jaunt allegedly to "study" the "advanced rail systems" of the countries he was supposed to visit.

    Asks Renukaben Pandya of Janatanagar, Ramol, who survived the fire,

    "If it was an accident, why was it that the people gathered outside didn't try to help us out and instead kept throwing stones to prevent us from getting off?"

  3. Muslims, Communists object to Bush drawing cartoons in Danish newspaper

    In response to US President George W. Bush's recent visit to India, Muslims and Communists organized protests condemning him for drawing the cartoons in a Danish newspaper!
    Mr. Bush is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. The rallyists held placards and black flags. There was loud cheering when poems were recited condemning the Danish cartoonist. Speakers said "the superpower cannot continue to bully nations of other religion." There were no women in the rally. . . The All-India Sunni Jamiat Ulooma and the Communist Gadar Party of India participated.

  4. Confessions of a Newspaper Editor

    Vir Sanghvi of The Hindustan Times admits what we've been pointing out all along:
    All of us who espouse the secular cause follow — to some degree — a double standard when it comes to comparing Muslim anger to Hindu outrage.
    . . .
    The sad truth is that we are much more mindful of offending the sentiments of Muslims than we are of Hindus, Sikhs or Christians.

    We claim we do this because we know that Muslims are a minority. But the real reason is because we know that Muslims tend to protest more loudly than Hindus; because these protests can be unreasonable; and because so few liberal Muslims stand up to the extremists in their community.
    . . .
    More important, we admit that our liberalism is not an absolute value but a convenient stick to beat Hindu extremists * with while making shameful and unnecessary compromises with minority intolerance.

    * Unlike extremists of certain religions who tend to blow themselves up in public places, Hindus who practice an extreme form of their religious beliefs withdraw themselves from the material world and tend to become even more peaceful and quiet.

  5. Muslim staff member at MIT explains why Muslims should not integrate

    Swapan Dasgupta points out that Omar Khalidi, a Muslim who teaches sociology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has advocated that Muslims refuse to integrate into the mainstream. His rationale?
    "We need Muslim-majority districts for three reasons. First, concentrated areas provide security. Second, they provide an environment that is conducive to our cultural independence.

    Third, they provide a political base through which our people can be elected. At present, constituencies have been created in a way that our numbers don't add up to elect adequate legislators."

  6. Terrorists reward Christian Science Monitor ?

    Looks like terrorists are happy with Christian Science Monitor for fabricating a claim against Hindus. Terrorists in Iraq released Jill Carroll, a journalist at Christian Science Monitor who was held hostage for 82 days.

    Earlier, Scott Baldauf of the same paper fabricated the claim that a special commission deciding on the textbook issue in California discussed whether ancient Indians ate beef. That point was never discussed by the commission in California and it is puzzling where Scott Baldauf picked up the idea from. Did he plagiarize the idea from the website of Communist Party of India (Marxist)? Among those who oppose Hindus in California are Communist groups and several groups which support Islamic terrorism.

  7. "Cambridge scholar" traps herself!

    "Cambridge scholar" Sonia Gandhi (she attended a certificate course in English from the Lennox Cook School) was forced to resign her seat in the Parliament after she was trapped by herself!
    Terming Congress President Sonia Gandhi's resignation from the Lok Sabha a "gimmick", Samajwadi Party National General Secretary Amar Singh today said Gandhi has been trapped in the net she made to enmesh others.
    Sonia Gandhi's father was a member of Mussolini's Fascist Party and fought for the Nazis .

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Gameboys said...

I guess we'll have some people explaining away that those protestors did not represent the majority of muslims in the country. Not a coincidence that the most violent riots took place in Hyderabad and Lucknow, was it? They know that YSR and Mulayam will defend their muslim 'brothers' to death. What a shameful bunch!

- Nanda Kishore

Kaunteya said...

NDTV cannot stop it, can they?

Advani never even mentioned Jesus's name.
Also check this statement-"But as expected, Advani didn't let go of a chance to attack Congress for their alleged minority appeasement."

I know there's a spindianexpress. But SpinDTV is much bigger and dangerous.
Someone ought to fight them.