Wednesday, April 05, 2006

early dentistry from the indus-sarasvati civilization/balochistan

apr 5th

i predict witzel and thapar will now 'find out' that early 'aryan tourists' (TM) sent an advance party (about 5500 years before the main 'tourism') to explore the possibilities of dentistry as an occupation for the 'tourists' who would eventually come and settle there in 1500 bce. dentistry was a major occupation of the 'aryans' of central asia and europe. when they were not admiring their blond hair and blue eyes, the 'aryans' were looking inside each other's mouths to drill small holes into bad teeth.

steve farmer will now demonstrate that the indus-sarasvati 'language' is not a language per se, but an embodiment of the primal screams of dentistry patients who did not have benefit of anesthesia.

balochistan, incidentally, is where the earliest settlements in the indus-sarasvati are to be found: at mehrgarh at the foot of the bolan pass, dated reliably to ca. 6500 bce. india does have a substantial interest in this history, but of course pakistanis dont have any history before the arab invasion of sind in 1100 ce. it's not just a humanitarian concern that india has about balochistan, it's a big part of the history of ancient india as well. we need to make a lot more noise about the human rights violations in balochistan than we have been making so far.

if balochistan's revolt leads to the unraveling of pakistan, so much the better: a fragmented pakistan will be easier for india to deal with. that would put a spoke in china's grand strategy of using gwadar to control persian gulf oil shipments as well. so we have a big stake in balochistan, and i hope india is providing substantial arms and other support to them, just as india did for ahmed shah massoud and the northern alliance in afghanistan. the enemies in both cases are the same: punjabi pakistanis.

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Subject: This might be from the Mohenjodaro/Harrapan civilization.

Could this be from the Mohenjodaro or Harrapan Civilization.


lazysusan said...

"steve farmer will now demonstrate that the indus-sarasvati 'language' is not a language per se, but an embodiment of the primal screams of dentistry patients who did not have benefit of anesthesia. "

--Hilarious :)

san said...

Read this one:

A Mexican Ayodhya or Mohenjodaro?

habc said...

I was about to post the same one;_ylt=A0SOwjtPsDREpy8ABRZxieAA;_ylu=X3oDMTA2ZGZwam4yBHNlYwNmYw--

The find is one of many examples in Mexico of important pre-Hispanic sites that have become Catholic places of worship. After the Spanish conquest, conquistadors and envoys of the church superimposed their beliefs on indigenous life.

Churches were built atop ancient shrines and pyramids in sites around Mexico, including Chalma and Cholula near Mexico City. The Mexican capital's massive cathedral was built from stone from pyramids flattened by the Spaniards.
Mexico abounds with cases in which Spanish conquerors literally built their Catholic faith atop the remains of older religions.

Mexico's Catholic patroness, the Virgin of Guadalupe, appeared to the faithful only a few years after the 1521 Spanish conquest, on a hillside where Aztecs worshipped Tonantzin, their mother of the gods.

Mexico City's cathedral is built atop the remains of an Aztec temple, as are countless other churches in Mexico, partly as an attempt to forcibly supplant pre-Hispanic religions.

hindu said...


nice! .. anyway just a correction

The Arabs (led by Muhammed-bin-Qazim) invaded Sindh in 650 AD and NOT 1100 AD.

Then the Turko-Persians (OR Mughals as we later called them) attacked in 1100 AD, led by Mahmud Gazni. Kabul was the first Indian city they took. They defeated Raj Pal Shahi who was the king there.