Thursday, April 06, 2006

australia opportunities and univ of tech sydney in particular

apr 6th

i would like to request some help/advice from anybody who happens to be in australia or knows about australian education.

a young man who is a relative of mine in india is thinking of doing his MBA in australia and specifically at the Univ of Technology, Sydney.

can you please help answer the following questions?

1. how is the economy in australia in general? is it growing? are there opportunities for foreign students in business to come there, finish their degrees and work there?

2. any idea about the university of technology, sydney? is that a good, reputable university? are there rankings of MBA programs in australia? are these available on the web anywhere? where does UT, Sydney show up in this list? top 10?

3. do foreign graduates from this place have a good chance of getting jobs?

4. how feasible is it to get part-time jobs while studying at this place?

5. how much does it cost to live in sydney if you are in student housing?

6. there are all these points allotted to various factors that count towards getting immigration to australia. is it worth immigrating to australia now?

7. do you know any alumni or current MBA students at the university of sydney, australia? would you be able to refer them to me at



solarpetal said...

any opinion on 1 year mba's in europe. how do u compare insead, imd and the uk ones.

Sriram_A said...

Hi Rajeev,
You should be able to get rankings from the following sites.

Looking at various ranking methods and profiles I personally think that AGSM (Aus Grad School of Mgt.) and Melbourne Business School are the top in Australia. I think these two are also ranked globally but do not compare to the US Business schools. Anyhow I dont think UT Syd is in the top of the ranking list.

As for as cost of living is concerned Sydney is one of the more expensive cities in Aus.

A friend of mine did his MS in Bio Tech but failed to get a job after graduation. The only adv one may have is u probably can get a perm residency easier and faster in Aus. As for as jobs are concerned Aus (and other across the world) are shifting jobs to India:).