Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aligarh riots

apr 9th

more mohammedan violence that the media sweeps under the carpet.

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From: Hindu
Subject: Aligarh riots

Very soon, we will see this happen all over India.


Concerned Hindu said...

There is a pattern emerging, diwali it was in Delhi, then Varnasi was attacked around Holi and now Aligarh riots during navratras. Now these guys aren't letting us hindus celebrate our festivals in OUR country. We have to draw a line somewhere, there is as much nonsense we can take. I hate to say this but now we indians must devise a "final solution of islamic question" or else be prepared to see this country disintegrate into islamic emirates.

someone said...

This is getting more and more ridiculous every day. Actually, the only reason there isn't a public outrage at this is because people don't know what's happening. The Mainstream Media is lying to us. They're not telling us how the riot started and they're claiming that both sides attacked. And by doing that, they're defaming Hindus and, more importantly, they'e preventing us from defending ourselves. This is serious, we need to do something, or else, as concerned_hindu said, we're going to turn into Islamic Emirates.

If you ask me, we need TV news channels that do unbiased, fearless reporting. And we need newspapers like The Pioneer to have more circulation. But most of all, we need to throw the phrases "one community" and "another community" into the gutters.