Thursday, April 06, 2006

creationism disproved; witzel, thapar and farmer will go on hunger strike now

apr 6th

see the arguments being made by the creationists? exactly the same kind of thing being mouthed by the die-hard 'aryan' 'invasion' fabulists. creationists want a videotape of the fish evolving into a tetrapod. similarly the 'aryan' types want videotapes that prove that 'aryans' *did* *not* invade. any other evidence will be considered flawed. and if others do provide such videotapes, the witzels, thapars and farmers will immediately claim the tape is doctored. you can't win.

we should actually demand videotapes from witzel, thapar and farmer showing the 'aryans' actually invading.

oh, sorry, i forgot it's now the 'aryan' dentist theory they are working on. invasion and migration and trickling-in are passe. any takers for my 'aryan' tourist theory (TM)?

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