Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Baba Ramdev's medicines get clean chit

mar 8th

sue the karat woman for $1 million for defamation and mental agony, yogi ramdev.

the chinese will pay on her behalf.

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Baba Ramdev's medicines get clean chit
The Uttaranchal government has given a clean chit to yoga guru Baba Ramdev after samples from his pharmacy did not test positive for animal or human remains.

This was announced by the state health minister on Tuesday.

Samples of four medicines were collected and sent to the Sriram Institute for Industrial Research in Delhi.

The medicines had no human or animal residue.

CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat had accused Ramdev's pharmacy of misleading people by using these remains in medicines sold at his Divya Yog pharmacy.




cyniclearner said...

I am sure about one thing. No one is going to sue Brinda Karat.
Even if in very odd case of soneone actually taking the trouble, Communists have a well crafted strategy.

Remeber what happened when Anupam Kher sued HKS Surjeet. HKS simply refused to appear in court, citing inability to travel, and odd symptoms like dumping syndrome....while he was able to travel to pakistan.
Result : Aupam Kher was harassed and one-sidedly decided to withdraw the case...because it was not going anywhere thanks to communist strategy of lies, propaganda and avoiding the scrutiny.

iamfordemocracy said...

There are many different ways to bring a criminal to justice. Don't just think about courts. Try this link in case you wish to know what is keeping Madam Vrinda in the news lately.

Somebody is working.

KapiDhwaja said...

sue the karat woman for $1 million for defamation and mental agony, yogi ramdev.

Great idea. However $1 million (abt Rs 4.5 crores) is a paltry sum. Heard that the CPM has got a Rs. 5000 crore empire. Need to sue the scoundrels to bankruptcy. Ask the Jews in the US how to do it. They are masters in that art, like when they sued the racist Klu-Klux-Klan to bankruptcy.

virat0 said...

Is there a competent hindu lawyer, who has passion to fight this case in Supreme court ? I think many would contribute to a fund for court expenses, to sue Brinda.

virat0 said...

CPM could loot any crores, they just need to devise another scheme. But it is important for them to pay a jijia tax to hindus, instead hindus paying to them.

Kalyani said...

Where is DarkStorm? Have not seen for some time.

Sunny said...

thanks for the support

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