Wednesday, March 08, 2006

apropos some of the commentors on this blog...

mar 9th

hilarious stuff. there are several here who are absolutely 100% precisely described by these profiles. there is one particularly loathsome character whose description here is so accurate that i almost fell off my chair laughing.

Lamers and lurkers and lonely guys, oh my! If you've ever spent significant time in online discussion groups, and particularly if you had a chance to watch the devolution of Usenet , you owe it to yourself to visit Mike Reed's Flame Warriors site. Reed has created an updated version of his handsomely illustrated catalog of the stock characters who accrete around forums and message boards. As veterans will recognize and newbies should note, the profiles are dead-on descriptions of posters you've known and loathed: Blowhard with his credentials; Tireless Rebutter, who can't let go; Bliss Ninny, who just wants everyone to get along; and the unshakeable Ferrous Cranus. A fun trip down memory lane for those who once found this form of entropy in action entertaining, and a must-read for anyone entering the "social" Web.

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daisies said...

There are 29 characters and that
seemed like a pretty weird number
to me. There should have been a
round number like 30.

Then I realised that #30 is
blog-owner. Since he is the owner,
he acquires the characteristics
of everything he owns and even
without acquiring he has them,
by very definition of ownership.

So he has 1/29th of the traits
of each character in the roster.

That explains Mr.Blog Owner! You
cant get away scot-free! :-) :-)

I am going to send this to the
roster as the newest sighting! :-)

ROFLG!!! (which is ROFLGleefully)