Friday, March 03, 2006 Japanese Make Gasoline From Cattle Dung

mar 2nd

this could be the breakthrough we are all waiting for. forget bush, nuclear power, even my favorite solar energy. let's put those darn cows to work! :-)

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Japanese Make Gasoline From Cattle Dung


Apollo said...

this is absolute nonsense Mr rajeev. the renewable sources of energy are still some time away maybe a couple of decades.

we got what we wanted from the americans. they are smart they want to make india a strong nation to balance china. u have been in the forefront of raising concerns about the chinese threat and wondering why US does not team up with india to balance china. now USA has taken a step in the right direction. yet u seem to be one of those people still caught in the cold war mentality that dubya mentioned in his speech.

times have changed and so should we.america is frankly more trusthworthy than china. that bullcrap about India-china-russia axis is just that bullcrap. china is simply a greedy, inhuman and imperialist state.

we have one option to team up with uncle sam.who the hell cares what bush does to iraq or iran. screw them. he is good for india's interests. that is all that matters.

not2 said...

OT, rajeev:
PS: I wish anonymous comments were allowed on this blog, it puts off a lot commenters if they have to register.

indianpatriot said...

Hi Apollo, San and others in support of this agreement there are no free lunches in International relations. US is getting royally screwed up in Iraq. I predict Shias and Sunnis fighting each other will unite and target Americans. Setback in Iraq, Unsustainable current account deficit of 6 percent of GDP(Argentina went to IMF with a cap in hand in a similar situation but Argentina cannot print dollars. US Can). The US did not want India to develop Surya (People can search in google Surya Indian ICBM) and get lot of links. Do you think China is a military threat to US? A china which claims so powerfull which cannot integrate Taiwan lying 100 miles away from its coast to be integrated with it. Imagine India integrating Goa asking Portugeese to quit. Little Taiwan or even Vietnam can deter China. China to US is like a bank investing its foregign reserves (Since it has such a bad banking system) in US Treasury. Us helping India that is big joke. A country which sent 7th fleet and threatened to nuke Calcutta during Bangladesh war can never be trusted by Indians. I believe US strategic thinkers think India is the only challenger as superpower to US. (I agree India is there not yet. Look the way Indian air force guys knocked out Americans in test excercises last year). Why is Bush visiting Pakistan under heaviest security but ask Indians to negotiate with Pukistan. To tell Pakistanis please keep attacking Indians. I am giving you 100 F-16s. Just please donot attack Americans. The Yanks like Indians to receive aid from Mother Theresa and missionaries to save the poor souls from Pagan religion they are practising. All this talk of strategic cooperation will die down when Infosys buys EDS and may I say Tatas buying General Motors( I am in Detroit and know how bad situation GM and Ford are). Americans will be 500 percent more xenophobic than French. Unfortunately Indian elite whether Manmohan Singh or Jaswant Singh would not understand that. Unquestioned hawks like Bharat Karnad should be India's defense minister

Apollo said...

Hi indianpatriot n others who are opposed to this agreement.

In international politics u have to look after ur own interests. i'am sorry to say the way u tried to project china as if it is not a credible threat to anyone is simply not good.

china can invade and destroy taiwan. the only thing stopping them is american deterence.

vietnam happened in 1979.2015 may be a different scenario.

and the US cares two hoots for Benny hinn and the family of missionaries. this is our domestic problem we need to take care of it on our own. we can kick out all those assholes if we want in 5 minutes. but do u and ur government really want?

think geopolitics. china is acting crazy they want to dominate the world. they are opening bases in gwadar a stone's throw from mumbai and the persian gulf. they are supplying nukes to pak in violation of NPT and MTCR.why?

it is a imperialistic attitude that's all. we need to team up with US to deter the china-pak axis. otherwise who else is going to help u. we have no choice buddy we have 2 guns pointed at our head.

daisies said...

re. gasoline from cattle dung:

"darn" cows ?! no, they are
sacred...Gomata...we revere them.

and anyway, they dont have to do
any work. they do what they do
naturally. it is we who have to do
the "darn" work, to get gasoline
from cattle dung.

And by the way, this will have
dung flavour(odour), we may not
like this gasoline too much.

They already have pop-corn flavour
bio-diesel in LA, some may want
that, read on....

I'll go for the eau-de-cologne
flavour gasoline when it comes...


daisies said...

That was in jest.

I love the idea of bio-fuels, and
cattle-dung gasoline. I think
India should go for it.

I think India has a tendency to
wait for the west to productize
a good idea, and only then follow

It is as if we dont have enough
confidence in native wisdom. We
want america to try a concept
and prove its value & viability.

This is why allopathy became more
popular than indigenous medicine
systems in India. And yoga became
dormant for a long time.

But now that the west wants more
ayurveda, yoga, we too are adopting
it more and more.

Bio-fuels is a great idea, and we
should do it without delay.