Saturday, December 05, 2009

TED talk by hans rosling, and plug for

dec 5th, 2009

you got to see this video and check out the website. amazing stuff. there was once a classic book called the 'visual representation of data'. rosling puts this into practice, and his deadpan humor is amazing.

if only he were right about india getting back to its age-old prosperity. the reality is that china-US g2 will cause india to be partitioned again and again.

hans rosling's TED video 
and gapminder. great tools for data envisioning


asd123 said...

The G-2 won't live to see another partition. The US will be marginalized from the world political stage and in civil strife once the dollar collapses. This is why the zionists are so scared right now, and want a war with Iran sooner rather than later.

estheppan said...

"if only he were right about india getting back to its age-old prosperity. "

India's age-old prosperity was the result of peaceful lifestyle that characterises bharatiya samskriti - a result of the underlying spiritual outlook towards life.

That ensured peace in society and therefore prosperity.

Western ideas that are displacing bharatiya samskriti nowadays causes strife in society.

Yet, the remnants of bharatiya samskriti that pervades indian society may help india achieve a respectable position in the world.
But the intellectual and spiritual supremacy, in addition to material prosperity, that characterised ancient bhArat can happen again if the people of india return to dharmic living, rediscover their roots and retrieve spiritual purpose to life, thereby form example to rest of the world.


Sakthi said...

phooooo... pisssss. India respectable.. first stop catering the dynasty, and replace all the uneducated politicians.. even though educated people are in politics they are real powerless, shun communism, baan all the stupid political parties, take out the sickular secular banner then Bharath may Prosper... present India will never ever prosper in the same condition. stop call centers, name any product of India rather Bharath which is in high demand in world market.. except manpower!. just dont day dream commentrators here. First thing we need to stop protecting uneducated criminal politicians of India with tax money. And dollar collapse.. hey are you day dreaming.. be practical come to the reality.

asd123 said...

The BIS estimates that there is a 600 trillion dollar derivatives market. Half of that is the IRS market. Interest rate swaps are mostly dollar denominated. It keeps interest rates artificially low for the US treasury keeping prices artificially high. This has been done on a large scale since the early 90s. Once this demand for Treasuries and US debt is destroyed so goes the confidence in the US and the US dollar. This is not sustainable, it is a ponzi scheme. Eventually the enabler creditor nations like Japan will go bust if they continue to play this game as the Madoff investors did.

India should avoid these these Western ponzi schemes, and focus on acquiring Western technology and expertise without being sucked into the same treasury vortex that China is in.