Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new narrative on china: poor, misunderstood, lonely, well-meaning superpower

dec 29th, 2009

i love this new positioning, the latest after 'peaceful rise'.

and equally meaningless. the truth is "predatory, imperialistic, racist, unethical, nasty, fascist nation". 

the fact is china speaks out of both sides of its mouth. when convenient, it claims it is a poor developing country. but its aspirations are those of a developed country. eg. in copenhagen it kept claiming it is a poor developing country, which is a nice smokescreen for the fact that it is THE BIGGEST CARBON EMITTER, and that it is building new coal-powered electric power plants at the rate of one a week. and then it got an agreement that prevents anybody from monitoring its emissions! thus, running with the hares and hunting with the hounds. clever, these people. 

why isn't anybody manufacturing new narratives for india? isn't that what the bureaucracy is supposed to do? something along the lines of the "good superpower" (as opposed to the "bad superpower", china)?

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