Sunday, December 20, 2009

avatar: hinduism emerging from under the dark cloud of christism?

interesting analysis from Douthat - who's himself a Chesterton spouting Catholic (but otherwise quite excellent - including in dismantling both Obama and the likes of Palin)

i have not seen avatar yet - any sci-fu fans here? (I am just not enthused by anything that James Cameron has to offer - but it is a personal judgement)

Dances with wolves was a decent movie, though a tad too preachy - but all the other examples he cites had hints of Hinduism - or what Huxley called "The Perennial Philosophy"

shows you one thing - no matter how much the death-loving desert cults try to suppress it - human's natural religious instinct has a way of shining through


Hindu said...

Its an excellent movie and there are many 'hint's of Hinduism in there...It proves again that the 'natural' way of life meaning Hinduism will always find a way and the West seems to be slowly going that way..Its unfortunate that in India we are producing trash like bollywood which is not only unorginal but a total embarrasment especially when you have from the same country Hindu concepts and ideas starting to capture the imagination of the world..60 years of Nehruian socialism has destroyed the innovation of the Hindu mind..

san said...

I've heard about the movie and its blue-skinned heroes. It seems to have a message of biodiversity triumphing over colonial imperialism.
I've also heard that it's supposed to be a new standard-bearer for 3D cinematic visual effects.

murli said...

Avatar is typical Hollywood fare aimed at a mass audience. If you plan to watch it, go with low expectations regarding plot, etc. Watch it purely for the special effects and then you will not come away disappointed. Leave your intellect at home. At any rate, it is better than the average Hollywood nonsense, but only because of the F/X.