Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pakistan: State of Denial

NYT's Sabrina Tavernise reports on Pakistan and its state of denial with regard to its culpability in the terrorism emanating from its soil and its people.


Hindu said...

Its not surprising that a country created of out hate of Hindus is on it way to self destruction..It also proves that Islam dont work..

asd123 said...

What is with all the deleting of comments that has been done lately?

A lot of those comments were legitimate, even if they had external links.

siva said...

I have the same question as asd123

nizhal yoddha said...

beats me what you're talking about. neither i nor the other moderators have been deleting many comments. also, external links are quite welcome.

the last one i remember deleting was an unprintable comment about the RoP.

i dont know what you are talking about, guys.