Monday, December 28, 2009

'chindia' is garbage: new book

dec 28th, 2009

another india-china war possible, says new book: 'chindia' is first-class bullshit.

chanakya said it best long ago: your neighboring power is by definition your enemy.
now that china swallowed the buffer state tibet, it is naturally india's enemy.

in fact china is india's worst enemy. pakistan is a chinese project: they use pakistan
as a force multiplier by giving them say $100 m worth of nuclear and other materials.
pakistan uses its fundamentalists to convert this into $1000 m worth of hassle for india.
great return on investment for china.

then there are all the insurrections -- in the northeast and in nepal and in the
so-called 'maoist' areas.

then there is the 'string of pearls' strategy -- cocos islands in burma, hambantota in
sri lanka, gwadar in baluchistan -- all ports for china to encircle india.

if india were to ensure that there is some pain to china in its conspiracy against india,
it would desist. the hans are well-behaved if there is some pain applied to their bottoms.

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