Friday, December 25, 2009

the jews screwed us over in 1971:Pakistan

cross-posting the link thanks to Frum's blog. This guy is a retired 'commodore' (would you believe) - now probably wearing baggy and sucking up to *good* taliban

Dogs pissing on the boots of their war criminal masters - delicious irony indeed!


Shankara said...

The earlier the pakis realise their mistakes and stop making excuses and hatching conspiracy theories the better it will be for them. Bangla people were massacred by Punjabi paki army and west pakis never accepted Bangla's as their own people. A paki night shop owner in my village still considers Bangla's as third rate humans.

Pakis are like those truant kids in school who will find all possible excuses for their failure and even make lame kiddish excuses all the while knowing who is responsible. Their attempt is laughable and pitiable all at the same time.

goodbad said...

Shankara's commentary is quite accurate. They have this "truant kids" mentality besides resorting to lies and deception shamelessly and recklessly.

If you look back at history Pakistan never had any exchange (good or bad) with Israelis.

If you analyze their mindset those people have a deep psychological injury turned into hatred.

Infact, today's Pakistan is the birthplace of one of the world's oldest civilizations (Indus valley at Harappa and Mohenjodaro) which interestingly they disown.

However, their fierce demostration of loyalty to "fellow muslims" and particularly Arabs is the cause of Pakistan's hatred towards Israel. Pakistanis worst fear is being denouced by the muslim world. [ Arab's must be smirking behind the scenes at this stupid loyal kid :-) ]

Their forefathers(and mothers) may have been once affiliated to Indian cultural heritage but gradually ties eroded due to increasing number of "fresh people" coming from different parts of the world into that region.

Finally, they do not truly belong to anyone. In future, they are likely to become increasingly a menace to themselves and to the rest of the civilized world.

It is quite cruel to happen to any country for that matter.