Friday, December 11, 2009

Number of poor in India rises by 10%

dec 10th, 2009

and surely the starving too.

gee, thanks, UPA.

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"In 2004 poverty India had actually 10 per cent more than estimated with poverty in rural India at 42 per cent and not 28 per cent as was estimate earlier," the report said. 
So the overall poverty figure is 37 per cent and not 27 per cent as was estimated in 2004.  The only silver lining is that there is no change in urban poverty which remained at 27 per cent.

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estheppan said...

Off topic.

This was displayed on the sidebar of Shadow Warrior website-

Hindu and India news
Hindu India

Special Investigations Team Sought in Orissa, India Violence
Right Side News
( Dec 12, 2009
- 1 hour ago

A legislator for the main Hindu extremist party has been exonerated “for lack of evidence” in six cases, most of them involving murder charges. ...
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clipped from Google - 12/2009

THE TSUNAMI: Compassion stirs Hindus
BP News
( Dec 12, 2009
- 5 hours ago

Hindu extremists had blocked the doors and burned the church to the ground. It's a disturbing picture -- one that International Mission Board representative ...
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clipped from Google - 12/2009

Hindu nationalists drop their baggy shorts
Times Online
- Dec 12, 2009
- 6 hours ago

For more than eight decades, members of India's largest Hindu nationalist organisation have identified themselves with a distinctive military-style uniform ...
clipped from Google - 12/2009

Hindus greet Jews on Hanukkah
- Dec 11, 2009
- 22 hours ago

HINDUS HAVE sent greetings to Jewish communities world over on Hanukkah (Chanukah), eight-day Festival of Lights beginning December 11. ...
clipped from Google - 12/2009

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But for the Hanukkah news at the end, it is a free-for-all bashing of "hindu-right-wing-extremists".
While the first two are evangelical christian website news, the third one, from more mainstream news agency, Times, is indistinguishable from the others in treatment. The Times says thus- "Critics are happy to see the end of a uniform that they say was inspired partly by the European fascist movements of the 1920s. The RSS, which trained the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, has been banned three times for inciting violence and is still often accused of fomenting ethnic and religious hatred."

Educative truthful reporting!

It reveals how these buggers are misusing technology to achieve their selfish ends.