Wednesday, December 16, 2009

rajeev on international film festival of kerala 2009

dec 16th, 2009

have been busy seeing movies at the IFFK. here's a brief report.

 rediff finally posted my writeup on first 3 days of the festival. 
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 day 6. "kerala cafe" (2009), 10 short films. very good (almost all of them). one of the best films of the festival.
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. day 6 thai 'ploy'. moderately good exploration of failing marriage. extended, gratuitous sex scene, so audience happy.
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Anonymous said...

Here I had looked up trailers and Wiki pages of movies mentioned by Rajeev. Copy pasting the links from twitter.
varun_vijay @RajeevSrinivasa #Jerusalema 2008 trailer (looks exciting) & the wikipedia page
varun_vijay @RajeevSrinivasa Memories Of Underdevelopment Trailer Was it banned 4 content OR 4 being cuban export?
varun_vijay @RajeevSrinivasa trailer of MAL DIA PARA PESCAR (BAD DAY TO GO FISHING)
varun_vijay @RajeevSrinivasa Here is the trailer and wikipedia page with plot details (spoiler warning)
varun_vijay @RajeevSrinivasa Here is d trailer of d film Jerichow Does the heroine end up being a victim of #HonorKilling?

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