Thursday, December 24, 2009

that's right - anyone who is not impressed with this old fanatic is "mentally unstable"

looks like old ratzy took a spill. J dayal and his colleague (what’s the name of that ‘spiritual nourishment’ bandit?) will soon be telling us about how this is all the fault of the hindus.

narendra modi did this to polarize the elections – no wait – it is the ghost of swami lakshmananda – just cannot keep away that pagan – not even after getting whacked


Chirag Patel said...

Can I get your views on this christmas fact?

nizhal yoddha said...

and this has got exactly what to do with christmas?

do you see the slight logical inconsistency?

christmas is celebrated on dec 25th.

you claim (without any proof, i note) that the alleged jesus was born on april 17th.

so what does that have to do with dec 25th?

also, can you kindly produce a videotape of jesus being 'born' on april 17th? ok, if that's too hard, how about a videotape of jesus being 'born' on any day?

since he didn't exist, it shouldn't be hard to make a video of him being born on any day.

this website you have referred to must be from some brain-dead christist. kindly don't talk about 'christmas fact'. there is no such thing. 'christmas mythology' is much more accurate.

nizhal yoddha said...

interesting how the popes don't die if somebody shoots them. and don't break their legs when somebody pushes them down.

reminds me of 'the omen'.

there is some power behind them, and it's hard to believe it's god. it must be The Other Guy.