Friday, December 18, 2009

Krauthammer Slams India, China on Copenhagen

Well, at least he didn't call India a dictatorship like China's.


asd123 said...

India would be much better off with a dictatorship. Democracy is the rule of money and always has been. The difference of course is that the west actually had money to start with before they became "democracies".

Itsdifferent said...

I dont know whether these guys realise how much of a resource hog US is. I think they have just taken it granted, or all the resources, so they dont realise what is to have a day without say electricity, or water etc. Morons.

Inferno said...

As expected, India ended up helping China in Copenhagen. Our guys cried hoarse over attempts to modify the Kyoto protocol aimed at preventing China from cornering all the Carbon credits.

EFGH said...

Krauthammer is a war-mongering egomaniacal snob. Ignore him, for now, but everyone should familiarize themselves with the data involved with precision.

Some useful sources, with some processed figures follow:


-- Wiki
-- EIA/DOE links (not working at the moment 12/21/09 AM ET)

-- Total CO2 (from energy):
-- Per-Capita CO2 (energy):

Bottom line: India is far behind the developed world (as well as China now) on the development curve, it's an energy sipper with far lower emissions than it's legitimate "Carbon Space Rights" would allow (China caught up with the world per-capita, but India is at about 30% of world per-capita emissions), and hence the pestering of India by developed countries on emissions is actually preposterous, as becomes clear when you examine the per-capita emissions data.

More info later.